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The effect of temperature on Rp is evident from the discharge curves. Performing the same calculations as above, we find that Rp at 40 F is 7,900 ohms, while at 104 F it has dropped to just 930 ohms.
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for(count=10; count < 5; count++) cout << count; // this statement will not execute
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As you have seen, address translation solves many addressing problems, but not all of them. In fact, it actually introduces some new problems. First, when address translation is performed by your address translation device (like the Cisco security appliances), it will have to change the IP addresses in the IP packet header and possibly even the port numbers in TCP or UDP segment headers. Because of this, the address translation device will have to perform additional processing not only to handle the translation process, but also to compute new checksums for the packets, putting an additional burden on the translation device. Another problem that address translation introduces deals with troubleshooting network problems. Because address translation changes the source and/or destination IP addresses in the packet headers, it becomes more difficult to troubleshoot network problems. When you examine the addresses in the packet header, you don t know whether you are dealing with the addresses that these machines have assigned on them, or with the addresses that they have been translated to by an address translation device. This also makes it easier for attackers to hide their identity. Not all applications work with address translation. Most translation devices only perform address translation for addresses in the IP packet header. Some applications embed IP addresses in the data payload, which an address translation device cannot catch. If a receiving device uses the IP address in the data payload, it won t be able to reach the transmitter of the packet. Figure 5-7 shows an example of this process. In this example, a device on the right ( sends a packet to a machine on the left ( Inside the payload, the device embeds its own IP address. When this IP packet reaches the address translation device, the device translates the addressing information in the packet header based on the rules defined in the device translation table. However, the translation device is not smart enough to figure out that an IP address is also embedded in the payload s own IP address. When the half-translated packet reaches the destination (, if the destination tries to use to return a reply instead of, the translation device will be confused and be unable to forward the packet correctly. NOTE As you will see in Part III of the book, the appliances have the ability to examine the application layer payloads of many types of connections for embedded addressing information and to fix these issues.
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Global arrays are initialized when the program begins. Local arrays are initialized each time the function that contains them is called, as shown here:
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When asked about the origin of a sales compensation program within a company, the response might include the following: It s always been that way or It s the industry practice. We follow what others do. These reasons may sound compelling, but they do not provide a strong rationale for designing effective sales compensation programs. Historical practices, sometimes known as legacy solutions, are often no longer contemporary with market realities or support a sales model that no longer exists. What about industry practice Follow industry practice only if your company is identical to your competitors and if they have found the ideal sales compensation solution. However, the likelihood that your products, customers, and customer coverage strategy are identical to your competitors is, at best, remote. So, following what others do in your industry is usually not an effective strategy. As we will learn later, the design of the sales compensation plan is unique to every company. Effective sales compensation begins with the proper strategy alignment and ends with effective job design. There are several points where sales management must achieve alignment before reaching the sales compensation program. The right products must be aligned with the right customers. The right sales jobs must be aligned with the right buyers. The sales jobs must have clarity of purpose alignment to the sales task and the performance measures must have alignment with the job content. Once sales management provides proper alignment among customers, products, and sales jobs, then sales management can craft a sales compensation plan to support the aligned sales strategy. As we will learn in 4, sales compensation design is driven by job content. Get the job right and the sales compensation design is easy. Conversely, create a confusing, misaligned sales job and no sales compensation plan can be successful.
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The output is shown here:
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Figure 5-1. Example of an application with multiple connections
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10 2 CENTI10 1 METER, cm 1 10 102 103 104 105 106 107
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Support Circuit Design
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The cycloidal cam study of the torsional windup of the system gives 2 h 2( 0.02) = 0.0255 = p b 2 2ph 2p ( 0.02) xmax = 2 = = 0.051. 2 b p 2 xmax =
optical fiber 1 2 3
Superlative: el (la/los/las) menos interesante(s) (the least interesting),
Exception ArrayTypeMismatchException DivideByZeroException IndexOutOfRangeException InvalidCastException OutOfMemoryException
Multiple indirection can be carried on to whatever extent desired, but there are few cases where using more than a pointer to a pointer is necessary, or even wise. Excessive indirection is difficult to follow and prone to conceptual errors. (Do not confuse multiple indirection with linked lists, which are used in databases.) A variable that is a pointer to a pointer must be declared as such. This is done by placing an additional asterisk in front of its name. For example, this declaration tells the compiler that newbalance is a pointer to a pointer of type float.
LAB 7.1
SIP/2.0 200 OK Via: SIP/2.0/UDP pc1.home.net; branch=z9hG4bK7890 Record-route: <sip:server.work.com;lr> From: Boss<sip:Manager@home.net>; tag=ab12 To: Daniel<sip:Collins@work.com>; tag=xyz45 Call-ID: 123456@pc1.home.net CSeq: 1 INVITE Contact: sip:Collins@station1.work.com
cout << "The minimum is: " << (((x)<(y)) x : y); A function-like macro is one that takes an argument.
(1) Vertically for a duration of one minute. (2) Horizontally and parallel to the boat s center line for a duration of one minute fore and one minute aft. (3) Horizontally and perpendicular to the boat s center line for a duration of one minute to starboard and one minute to port. c. To prevent accidental contact of the ungrounded battery terminal to ground, each battery shall be protected so that metallic objects cannot come into contact with the ungrounded battery terminal. This may be accomplished by means such as: (1) Covering the ungrounded terminal with a boot or nonconductive shield. (2) Installing the battery in a covered battery box, or (3) Installing the battery in a compartment specially designed only for the battery(ies). d. Each metallic fuel line and fuel system component within twelve inches and above the horizontal plane of the battery top surface as installed shall be shielded with dielectric material to protect against accidental short-circuiting.
Fully Automating Type Discovery
Tags are what separate normal text from HTML code. You ve likely seen them as the words between <angle brackets>. Tags are what allow things like tables and images to appear in a web page. Different tags perform different functions. The tags don t appear when you view the page through a browser, but they affect how the browser behaves. For instance:
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