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Printing Quick Response Code in Software Figure 4.4: Growth in AIN services around the world

Reliability If Carrier Ethernet is to be widely employed as the convergent (access) platform to deliver mission-critical applications enterprises need to be assured of its robustness before they migrate from legacy services such as ATM and Frame Relay. The attributes encompassing reliability are, therefore, necessary to provide this assurance. Most of the solutions provide some degree of service resiliency, except for PON (usually used for best-effort services). This is not surprising given that this is typically a prerequisite to be even considered by Service Providers. Some level of path protection is also generally available in almost all of the solutions discussed. Restoration meeting or bettering the sub-50 ms benchmark is also available in most of the solutions, albeit in a few the restoration times are longer. Table 16.4 summarizes the solutions with respect to this attribute.
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Secondary State: Active time: Group 2 State: Active time: <--output omitted-->
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NOTE The Java Report panel launches when you select Modify from the InfoView report list or
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/* Demonstrate const member functions. This program won't compile. */ #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Demo { int i; public: int geti() const { return i; // ok } void seti(int x) const { i = x; // error! } }; int main() { Demo ob; ob.seti(1900); cout << ob.geti(); return 0; }
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FIGURE 5.23. follower.
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Transformative Paradoxical Challenge What paradoxes have you observed in the learner Select the most significant one. How would you phrase this paradoxical challenge
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Power or S/N Ratio 1.0 : 1 1.2 : 1 1.6 : 1 2.0 : 1 2.5 : 1 3.2 : 1 4.0 : 1 5.0 : 1 6.4 : 1 8.0 : 1 10.0 : 1 20.0 : 1 40.0 : 1 80.0 : 1 100.0 : 1 200.0 : 1 400.0 : 1 800.0 : 1 1000.0 : 1 2000.0 : 1
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PHY layer encoding/decoding clocking
12.19.3 Retro t and Strengthening Methods
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