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With BD-J, the chance for misinterpretation and differences in interpretation, are great. Also, there are many different ways to accomplish the same thing in BD-J. At the core of BD-J is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Some manufacturers have licensed the JVM code from Sun Microsystems. Others have decided to implement their own version of JVM. This is reminiscent of the days when you had MS-DOS and DR-DOS and PC-DOS. Often, programs would work as expected on one platform but not on others. Within the BD-J specification, there are several libraries or packages that do virtually the same function. Some of the early players did not implement all libraries properly, but the manufacturers are working diligently with the BDA to improve testing routines to remedy these situations. To address these differences, the studios and the authoring houses in Hollywood have taken a couple of approaches. One approach is take no prisoners, program to the specifications and if the players don't work, let the manufacturers fix their players. If the manufacturers don't update their players to conform, the consumers will help evolve the survival of the fittest. Or, the other approach is to program to the lowest common denominator. However, this is difficult to achieve because if just one manufacturer's implementation differs then you don't use that feature. Some of the incompatibilities may be frustrating to the user in that they could see poorly drawn graphics, and poor or non-functioning features, such as, network capability. As if the inherent challenges in making a player conform to the specifications weren t enough, the BDA has specified five different profile levels of players Profile 1, version 1.0, players introduced before November 1, 2007, Profile 1, version 1.1. players introduced after October 31, 2007, Profile 2 (optional), Profile 3 (optional audio-only player), and Profile 4 (realtime recording and editing). What this means is that depending on when the player you bought was introduced to the market, the latest Blu-ray disc that you have bought may not fully work. For example, Bonus View, a marketing name for Profile1, version 1.1 players, includes the features PiP, secondary audio, local storage, and luma value, but these features are not available on any of the early players except the Sony PS3. Also, the network connected feature, called BD-Live, requires a player that conforms to the optional Profile 2. Compatibility is a challenge to all involved whether it is the player manufacturers trying to make their players do all of the cool things in the specifications, or the studios trying to decide which features to put on the discs at the risk of disappointing some of their endusers, or the authoring houses trying to figure out how to implement the feature in such a way that it works on all of, or even just the majority of, the players, or the consumer trying to buy and use the right cheapest player. As was the case for DVD, expect that BD players will continue to have special anomalies for years to come. The difference with Blu-ray players vs DVD players is that all of the Bluray players can be updated with firmware updates, either by inserting an update disc or by direct network connection to the player. Note that the ability to upgrade the firmware does not help the limitations of the hardware configuration made by a given manufacturer. For
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tool, like the one shown in Figure 12-8, is used to jam the telephone wire in between the two sides of the post. The post pierces the insulation and makes contact with the wire without cutting it. 2 MINUTES Connecting to the Punch-Down Block Connecting wire to a punch-down block is fairly straightforward, and another benefit of using a punch-down block:
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Dynamic Trunk Protocol (DTP)
Originating Network
Appendix B:
With only a few hardware manufacturers, producers of mastering applications can adequately ensure support for most of the CD recorders present on the market. Indeed, this is clearly the case for many of the current applications, such as Adaptec s Easy CD Creator Deluxe or GEAR s
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Team Titan Robotics from the International School in Bellevue, Washington, built Prometheus for a FIRST competition. (courtesy of Larry Barello)
1. The spanning tree protocols state machines are modified slightly to transmit BPDUs even from ports that are not designated ports. (This change can be made in any bridge without disrupting its ability to interoperate with bridges that have not been so updated.) 2. Each bridge port in configured as to whether the port is expected to connect to another bridge or not. 3. If a bridge port is configured to expect another bridge, and if that other bridge is not transmitting BPDUs, then the port is disabled.
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