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Read binary data.
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Seek The physical operation associated with positioning the read/write head of a storage device in the proper location to read or write a particular piece of data. For CD-ROM applications, the seek operation generally requires also varying the rotational speed of the disc in relation to the radial position of the laser read head. Seek Error The inability to identify and locate required data on a disc. Seek errors can be caused by surface irregularities, improper focusing of the laser read mechanism, or shock and vibration. Servo Mechanism A motorized mechanical assembly that controls precise movements in response to voltage signals and a feedback circuit. CD-ROM drives and recorders use servo mechanisms to control the positioning of the laser head over the disc surface. Session The data written to a compact disc during the span of a single recording. Sessions are identi ed by a lead-in area, containing session contents, and a lead-out area, indicating the close of the session. SGML Shortened form of Standard Generalized Markup Language. An elaborate set of de nitions specifying the formatting of documents intended for electronic distribution. SGML generally makes electronic publications accessible on a number of different computer platforms.
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Sales compensation design elements are the building blocks of effective sales compensation plans. Each sales compensation plan is the summation of decisions made about these design elements. The design elements are as follows:
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Related Functions
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Fraud detection platform
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printf("%s", addr_info[2].zip);
Special Triangles
The main point of entry in most organizations is the internal corporate LAN. A user who can connect to the corporate LAN is able to logically reach virtually every computing resource in the organization subject to the access controls associated with each resource. This makes the notion of protecting corporate accesses by controlling access to the LAN an important topic. The ease of connectivity to the corporate LAN highlights a number of important security issues. Probably the biggest issue is the ability for non-organization-owned computers to connect to the network and access network-based resources. By permitting non-organization-owned systems to connect to the network, the organization is essentially giving up control of the network. By letting any computer or device connect to the network, this creates risks, including:
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