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The prototypes for setdate( ) and settime( ) are in <dos.h>. These functions are not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The setdate( ) function sets the DOS system date as specified in the structure pointed to by d. The settime( ) function sets the DOS system time as specified in the structure pointed to by t.
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The general equation gives a more accurate view when separately analyzed at each electrode. The discharging process is described at the anode as PbO2 1 4H 1 SO4 1 2e g PbSO4 1 2H2O The discharging process is described at the cathode as: Pb 1 SO4 2e g 4 PbSO4 When discharging, the cathode acquires the sulfate (SO4) radical from the electrolyte solution and releases two electrons in the process. These electrons are acquired by the electron-deficient anode. The electron flow from negative cathode to positive anode inside the battery is the source of the battery s power and external current flow from positive anode to negative cathode through the load. In the process of discharging (right of Figure 8-1), both electrodes become coated with lead sulfate (PbSO4) a good insulator that does not conduct current and the sulfate (SO4) radicals are consumed from the electrolyte. At the same time the physical area of the sponge-like plates available for further reaction decreases as it becomes coated with lead sulfate; this increases the internal resistance of the cell, and results in a decrease of its output voltage. At some point before all the sulfate (SO4) radicals are consumed from the electrolyte, there is no more area available for chemical reaction and the battery is said to be fully discharged.
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The starting battery in your internal combustion engine vehicle is recharged by its engine-driven alternator, whose output is controlled by a voltage regulator. The starting battery is discharged less than 1 percent in its typical automotive role. The entire rated output power of the alternator is placed across it, and the voltage regulator makes sure voltage doesn t climb above 13.8 volts simple. Why not use the same setup to recharge your deep-cycle EV batteries The answer is voltage, current, and boom. This approach is not used because the voltage of your EV s deep-cycle battery pack string is probably 96 volts or more, but the alternator is typically set up for driving a 12-volt starting battery. Assuming you could adjust your alternator or buy the correct voltage model, and had a suitable electric motor around to turn it, the full alternator output applied to a completely discharged deepcycle battery pack would deliver too much current and charge it far too quickly. You d damage and/or destroy your batteries in short order that s the boom part. The voltage regulator would not only be useless in stopping this, but would prevent raising the voltage to 2.58 volts per cell for the final 10 percent of the cycle, and would not allow the voltage to be further raised to 2.75 volts for the equalizing charge process. The solution is AC power, a transformer, a rectifier, a regulator of either the electronically smart or manually adjustable variety, and a timer: an accurate description of today s EV battery charger. The x pattern in the graph at the lower right in Figure 9-3 shows what most actual battery chargers deliver. Using a variation or combination of constant-current, constantvoltage, tapering, and end-of-charge voltage versus time methods, all battery chargers arrive at a method of current reduction during the charging cycle as the cell voltage rises. Fortunately, you can buy something off the shelf to take care of your needs. But you have to investigate before buying to make sure a given battery charger does what you want it to do. Battery chargers are sized using the formula: Charging Current 5 (Battery Capacity 3 115 Percent)/(Time) 1 DC Load In this equation very similar to the equation earlier in the chapter the charging current determines the size charger you need, the 115 percent is an efficiency factor to take losses into account, and the DC load is whatever else is attached to the battery (this is zero, assuming you disconnect your batteries from your EV s electrical system while recharging). You re already familiar with battery capacity and time. You can plug chargers up to 20 amps into your standard household 120-volt AC outlet. Higher current capacity chargers require a dedicated 240-volt AC circuit the kind that drives your
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If you study the specification sheet (specs) produced by a manufacturer of fiber-optic cable, you will note a series of terms that specify various aspects of the cable. In this section we discuss those terms and attempt to understand their meaning.
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( Ks + K f ) r (1) = Y (1) - Yc(1) K f ( Ks + K f ) r (2 ) = Y (2 ) - Yc(2 ) K f ( Ks + K f )
Introduction to Cable Communications Systems
The Need for Distance
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commonly referred to as a semiconductor laser and results in the fabrication of a laser diode that is relatively inexpensive to manufacture in quantity. If you carefully examine Figure 4.10, you will note a series of layers that are employed to fabricate a laser diode. Those layers represent crystals that are grown as well as chemicals that are deposited on top of crystals. The top and bottom layers contain metal that functions as electrical contacts. As shown at the top of Figure 4.10, the top layer contains p-type regions that contain positive-current carriers. As noted earlier in this chapter, the p-type regions represent the absence of electrons or holes. In comparison, the n-type regions located at the bottom of the laser diode contain negative-current carriers. When an electrical current is applied to the contacts on the laser diode, electrons from the n-type layers flow into the p-type layers, where the electrons combine with the holes and the excess energy is emitted as coherent light. If we again refer to Figure 4.10, we will note that the actual emission of light occurs in the central layer of the laser diode. The location of the emission is based on the structure of the layers surrounding the central layer. In other words, the adjacent layers are fabricated using material with a refractive index lower than that in the material in the central layer. In addition, the edges of the laser are fabricated to resemble mirrors, so that they reflect light back into the central layer. Those reflected photons stimulate the generation of additional light, which, in turn, results in the generation of an intense beam of coherent optical radiation. Because of the relatively narrow spectrum of light emission in comparison to an LED it becomes possible and practical to couple the , laser diode to thin-core, single-mode fiber. Because of their higher power and quicker pulse rise time and coherent light generation, laser diodes are better suited for fiber-optic transmission that requires higher transmission rates over long distances. For this reason the use of laser diodes and single-mode fiber is the preferred mechanism for communications carriers.
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There are two important alternatives to getche( ). The first is getchar( ), mentioned earlier, which is the character input function defined by ANSI/ISO Standard C. The trouble with getchar( ) is that it buffers input until a carriage return is entered. The reason for this is that the original UNIX systems line-buffered terminal input that is, you had to enter a carriage return before anything you had just typed was actually sent to the computer. To be compatible with the UNIX implementation, many compilers, including C++ Builder, have implemented getchar( ) so that it line-buffers input. This is
If you have not yet done so, enter, compile, and run the preceding program. As you may know from your previous programming experience, it is quite easy to accidentally type something incorrectly when entering code into your computer. If this happens, the compiler will report a syntax error when it tries to compile it. The message displayed will contain the line number and character position at which the error is found and a description of the error. Although the syntax errors reported by the compiler are, obviously, helpful, they are also sometimes misleading. The C# compiler attempts to make sense out of your source code no matter what you have written. For this reason, the error that is reported may not always reflect
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