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Router(config)# interface type [slot_#/]port_# Router(config-router)# ip rip receive version 1 | version 2 | version 1 2
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Figure 11-1: Traffic is mapped onto the network as it arrives.
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Parameter Utilization % Frame Rate Collision Rate Packet Deferral Rate Error Rates Runts Jabbers (Giants) Bad FCS Frames Misaligned Frames Broadcast, Multicast Frame Rate Protocol Distribution by frames by kbytes
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Introduction to Cisco Device Con guration
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The interactive handles surrounding a texture fill are the same as those for Pattern fills; they re there for you to set the size, offset, skew, and rotation of the texture. If you have experience manipulating pattern fills by click-dragging the control handles above the object, you ll discover bitmap fills are exactly the same. However, because these are bitmap-based textures, you ll need to take note of some transformation limitations, covered shortly. As you ll discover next, each texture is based on a range of variables specific to a style type. To view these core styles, you ll need to open the Texture Fill dialog (see Figure 17-9) by clicking the Edit Fill button. You ll notice below that the same options available in the Property Bar are in the dialog but also included when you click the Edit Fill button are the texture variables. There are settings for texture, color, frequency of properties of the textures, and so on. Don t hesitate to drag a spin box value and then click Preview; although several of the values might seem to have strange labels for the values, they ll indeed modify the texture preset (changing the Texture # is a great place to begin experimenting). Also, it s very hard to give a label to some of the properties of fractal math; they re abstract attributes and fairly difficult to write in the first place! Start by choosing a type of texture from the Texture List, and then use different values in fields such as colors (another good starting place). Click Preview, and
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Printing: Professional Output
What fetal position is most associated with abnormal labor How is occiput posterior position managed
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You re obviously frustrated and hurt by this. Here s the dilemma. You try so hard to not come on too strong, but you are strong. Do you let others see your gentler side very often Do you think others know that even you need their support Can you see how, when you lead with strength and boldness, others would not understand that you also want and need their help
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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