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I ve been in the game industry for over a dozen years. I m now working at Monolith Productions, a development studio in Kirkland, Washington, where I m currently managing a 25-person team working on three different first-person shooter (FPS) projects. Most of my day is spent checking with my leads on various topics, writing e-mail or talking on the phone, reviewing design documents and writing management documentation for our publisher, and being immersed in that essential producer tool, Microsoft Project. This particular day started with me sending an update to our terrific Sierra marketing and PR people about the upcoming milestone for one of our projects. Then I talked with my QA lead and the programmers to make sure they re on schedule for our milestone to be delivered tomorrow. A little later, it was time for some testing on the multiplayer FPS project. While I love FPS games, I m actually not very good at them, so I m mostly cannon fodder for the rest of the team. But it s important for me to participate, for many reasons. Next up was working with our Lead Audio guy to fix a problem that was preventing me from recording audio in a training video we re making for our artists. As I have some digital video experience, I ve taken over the task of recording our 3-D art training sessions. After that, a brief moment to mourn my ripped pants leg, which I tore while crawling under the desk to set up the video recording equipment. Oh well! After the recording session, I spent some time digitizing and editing the training video. Then I worked on the Pre-Production milestone descriptions document for our next major project. This was mostly revisions, since our schedule and budget had changed this week. I reviewed a consulting contract for an artist we re going to hire next week. Then I met with my database programmer for an update on our custom art asset tracking database project. Next I reviewed the latest version of the design document for our newest project, with the design and art Leads. I had some concerns that we wouldn t have time for all of the world art and level maps, so we talked about structuring the project in a more prioritized, flexible way. Then I dealt with a small crisis, talking to our publisher about localization problems in Asia for the most recently shipped game. This turned out to be a false alarm, just an installation error during localization testing. Lastly, I spent some time updating my Microsoft Project files, checking for tasks that the team had completed and synchronizing that information back into Project. At the end of the day, I had one last cup of coffee, said goodnight to the team, and headed home to my husband and daughters. Another day closer to gold master! Ellen Guon Beeman, Producer, Monolith Productions Inc.
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A needle is placed transabdominally and fetal blood is obtained from the umbilical cord under real-time ultrasonographic guidance It is a permanent form of female sterilization where the fallopian tubes are severed, sealed, or pinched shut to prevent fertiliztion Specific parts of the body are exposed to low-energy sound waves which produce images reflective of the structure and movement of the body s internal organs
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Entity Relationship Diagram with Cardinalities Noted
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ciscoasa(config)# context context_name ciscoasa(config-ctx)# allocate-ips virtual_sensor_name [mapped_name] [default]
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As you might have guessed, all biometric modalities are, in and of themselves, liveness tests. Fingerprint sensors measure the intrinsic properties of a living body, such as index of refraction, capacitance, and acoustic impedance. Hand, iris, and facial biometrics measure visual properties of a living body. Speaker recognition uses challenge-response to obtain a sample of the voice. However, we typically consider these to be weak liveness tests: weak because they are vulnerable to simulated biometric specimens. The goal of liveness testing is to incorporate a robust test for liveness into a biometric sensor a test that yields results distinct from the biometric measurement. Some biometric technologies, such as facial thermogram, vein pattern in back of hand, gait, and keystroke, may be considered stronger tests for liveness. Some would consider these biometric identifiers more difficult to simulate artificially. However, these technologies are not widely implemented and will need to be validated as reliable biometric identifiers. Described below are a few examples of liveness testing products or methods that are currently in use in the biometric marketplace. The first is the Sony Fingerprint Identification Unit (FIU-500), which tests for liveness by measuring the intrinsic properties of a living finger. An optical fingerprint scanner, the FIU-500 incorporates a sensor that claims to measure the capacitance of the skin. If the measurement is within norms for skin, the finger is assumed to be real, and the optical scan of the fingerprint is accepted for processing. The second example demonstrates an approach to analyzing involuntary signals generated by a living body. Developed at West Virginia University by Reza Derakhshani, Stephanie Schuckers, and others,6 this approach captures the time-varying perspiration pattern on a fingertip using a capacitive fingerprint sensor, see Figure 8-1. Because of perspiration, the specific values of a person s finger capacitance vary with time. This variance is shown in the following line plot; the two plotted lines are the capacitance plots across a ridge of the finger,
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// Using checked and unchecked with statement blocks. using System; class CheckedBlocks { static void Main() { byte a, b; byte result; a = 127; b = 127; try { unchecked { a = 127; b = 127; result = unchecked((byte)(a * b)); Console.WriteLine("Unchecked result: " + result); a = 125; b = 5; result = unchecked((byte)(a * b)); Console.WriteLine("Unchecked result: " + result); }
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The class forms the foundation for object-oriented programming.
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be satis ed in the rise portion of the cam pro le. The differences between this example and the rst are the displacement constraints at x = 36 deg and at x = 90 deg. Figures 5.5 and 5.6 show the results obtained by applying both the conventional polynomial approach and the spline method with uniform spacing of the knots, exactly as was done in the rst example. In both cases all the constraints are satis ed, but there is a dip in the velocity curve and a reversal of acceleration near the end of the rise. This feature is more pronounced in the case of the polynomial function. Fig. 5.7 shows the result of adjusting the positions of the interior knots: the acceleration reversal is eliminated and the peak value of acceleration near 135 deg is reduced. If there is a rational approach to the selection of knots to achieve a speci c effect in cases such as this, it has not yet been determined. However, in general, it is possible to introduce local adjustments in the synthesized cam motion by making adjustments in the knot sequence. Here, a simple trial-and-error procedure was used, and the results shown were obtained in only a few minutes. The results shown were obtained with the interior knots at x = 50 deg, x = 95 deg, and x = 100 deg.
Before proceeding to learn more details about physical database design, it is important to understand why physical database design is difficult. The difficulty is due to the number of decisions, relationships among decisions, detailed inputs, complex environment, and un certainty in predicting physical record accesses. These factors are briefly discussed below. In the remainder of this chapter, keep these difficulties in mind. The number of possible choices available to the designer can be large. For databases with many columns, the number of possible choices can be too large to evaluate even on large computers. The decisions cannot be made in isolation of each other. For example, file structure de cisions for one table can influence the decisions for other tables. The quality of decisions is limited to the precision of the table and application profiles. However, these inputs can be large and difficult to collect. In addition, the inputs change over time so that periodic collection is necessary.
(NOTE Self-awareness involves the capacity to be self-observing that is, being conscious of one s own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while these are occurring.) Is unaware of own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and/or dishonest about true motivations; not self-observing Can be self-aware, although does not routinely put a high priority on this; has more dif culty being self-aware under duress; is intermittently self-observing Sometimes responds to feedback, but can also be under- or over-responsive to feedback Routinely accesses and is honest about own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; has realistic self-image; able to be self-observing almost always Welcomes feedback and uses it constructively; can distinguish between accurate feedback and opinion Takes full responsibility for own actions
The output from the program is shown here:
Security, Monitoring, and Management
number Mod(number input_dividend; number input_divisor)
Figure 22.14 Fiber amplifier.
Obtaining an Array from an ArrayList When working with ArrayList, you will sometimes want
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