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Blu-ray Disc The second-generation DVD format created by the BDF/BDA. Uses a 0.1-mm cover layer (compared to the 0.6-mm cover layer of DVD and the 1.2-mm cover layer of CD) and 405-nm blue laser to store 4 to 5 times as much data as DVD. Book A Archaic name for DVD Specification Part 1, the document specifying the DVD physical format (DVD-ROM). Finalized in August 1996. Book B Archaic name for DVD Specification Part 3, the document specifying the DVD-Video format. Mostly finalized in August 1996. Book C Archaic name for DVD Specification Part 4, the document specifying the DVD-Audio format. Book D Archaic name for DVD Recordable Specification Parts 1 and 2, the documents specifying the DVD record-once format (DVD-R). Finalized in August 1997. Book E Archaic name for DVD Rewritable Specification Parts 1 and 2, the documents specifying the rewritable DVD format (DVD-RAM). Finalized in August 1997. bound copy A copy of content, such as from a Blu-ray disc, to a hard drive or other storage media that is bound to the device or to the media using encryption derived from a value that is unique to the device or media. BPDG Broadcast Protection Discussion Group. A technical discussion group chartered by the CPTWG in November 2001 to explore issues of protecting digital broadcasts, with a particular eye toward preventing Internet retransmission of broadcast content. Dissolved in June 2002 after making recommendations for, among other things, a broadcast flag to be embedded in digital transmissions and checked by authorized receiving equipment. bps Bits per second. A unit of data rate. brightness Defined by the CIE as the attribute of a visual sensation according to which area appears to emit more or less light. Loosely, the intensity of an image or pixel, independent of color; that is, its value along the axis from black to white. BUDA See Binding Unit Data Area. buffer Temporary storage space in the memory of a device. Helps smooth data flow. burst A short segment of the color subcarrier in a composite signal, inserted to help the composite video decoder regenerate the color subcarrier. button An active rectangular area in a menu associated with a specific action. Button Sound A feature of HDMV that can play a sound when a button is selection and another sound when the button is activated. B-Y, R-Y The general term for color-difference video signals carrying blue and red color information, where the brightness (Y) has been subtracted from the blue and red RGB signals to create B-Y and RY color-difference signals. byte A unit of data or data storage space consisting of eight bits, commonly representing a single character. Digital data storage is usually measured in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, and so on. CABAC Context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding. An entropy coding mechanism used after quantization in the AVC (H.264) video compression standard. This mechanism requires more processing than other mechanisms like CAVLC but gives a better compression ratio. caption A textual representation of the audio information in a video program. Captions are usually intended for the hearing impaired, and therefore include additional text to identify the person speaking, offscreen sounds, and so on. capture In video, this is the process of changing a video analog signal into a digital file, usually with video capture hardware and software. CAV Constant angular velocity. Refers to rotating disc systems in which the rotation speed is kept constant, where the pickup head travels over a longer surface as it moves away from the center of the disc.
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by Prasanna Adhikari
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Performance \ Memory Usage
Remote Clients connecting to Access Gateway FQDN
Molar Extinction Coefficient vs. Wavelength
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Interfaces, Structures, and Enumerations
SYNERGY CORP. VFC-S-1000 1-2GHz 0.5-22VTuning 50MHz/V VCO GAIN W/OPAMP = 220MHz/V
if you don't see the little "trick." The fraction (x + 1)/ x is the problem, but fi-actions often come fi-om, or at least they can be written as, other fractions.
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4.0 Introduction 4.1 Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals 4.1.1 The Concept of Antiderivative 4.1.2 The Indefinite Integral 4.2 Area 4.3 Signed Area 4.4 The Area Between Two Curves 4.5 Rules of Integration 4.5.1 Linear Properties 4.5.2 Additivity Quiz
Bitmap Boot Camp: Working with Photographs
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