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Encode QR in Software Figure 27-12: ADMs installed along the way

This means that if you ever need to change your cable requirements, you need to swap only your current GBIC for one that matches your new cabling needs. Most GBICs are hot-swappable, but you should always check the device manufacturer s instructions before inserting or removing them. You don t have to use one Ethernet media type and/or speed it is very common to see a mixture of media types and connection speeds, based on specific needs. For example, it is common to see 100BaseTX using Category 5 or 5E cabling for user connections, 1000BaseTX with Category 5E cabling for server connections, and 1 or 10 Gbps fiber connections for switch-to-switch connections.
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Ethernet II Preamble Destination MAC address Source MAC address Type
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Protocol Control Path Protocol Control Path
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Understanding Light
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The Create( ) method defined by WebRequest can generate four exceptions. If the protocol specified by the URI prefix is not supported, then NotSupportedException is thrown. If the URI format is invalid, UriFormatException is thrown. If the user does not have the proper authorization, a System.Security.SecurityException will be thrown. Create( ) can also throw an ArgumentNullException if it is called with a null reference, but this is not an error generated by networking.
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Figure 2-4
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Facility (Q.932)
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the hardware remote need to get traffic across the tunnel, not the hardware remote (at least not typically). To solve this problem, a hardware remote like the ASA 5505 will PAT the source addresses of the private interface devices to the internal address assigned to it by the Easy VPN server. This is illustrated in the top part of Figure 18-1. The internal devices have addresses in the subnet, and the internal IP address assigned to the hardware remote is The hardware remote will PAT the addresses to the address. One nice feature of this process, and why Cisco refers to this as Easy VPN, is that you don t have to configure the PAT or ACL rules on the hardware remote to allow this process to occur: if you enable Easy VPN with client mode, the hardware remote automatically configures these rules! From the corporate office perspective, all the remote office traffic looks like it s coming from a single IP address ( NOTE With client mode connections, the hardware remote will only bring up the tunnel to the corporate office when traffic needs to leave its public interface; it will then bring up the tunnel to determine the split tunneling policy of the group the hardware remote belongs to.
Modeling is not complete without the true boundary conditions of beams for the xed and expansion bearings on unyielding supports. Usually bridge deck boundary conditions can be identi ed as simply supported, xed, free, or continuous. Beams are modeled as simply supported on abutments and as continuous over piers. De ections, bending moments, and shear forces are computed on that basis. However, actual load distribution from the slab is not always uniform or rectangular, as is usually assumed. Interaction or composite behavior with the slab alters local and global behavior of the beam depending upon the type of connection. In analysis, the approach has been to neglect the effect of composite behavior or interaction of slab and supporting beams. In the majority of slab and beam systems, the magnitude of total compressive stress at the top of the slab near supports is the cumulative effect of arching action and compresssion due to bending. For a single span, formation of plastic hinge is at the midspan of the beam only as a result of excessive tension. At supports, composite action or T-beam action is neglected, and rectangular section is assumed. Plastic hinge also develops at supports of the beam at the ultimate load stage, due to xity moment, and eccentricity of slab-beam connection has little effect. Single panel behavior: Through girder bridges with a single lane and most pedestrian bridges fall into this category. The following three types are used in practice: 1. Thick deck slab bridges without beams (or with concealed beams) spaning longitudinally. 2. Others are supported by two upstand or through girders and oor beams span transversely. Both the deck slab and oor beams are constructed monolithic with the deck slab continuous in a longitudinal direction. 3. Composite multi-girder systems with the deck slab made monolithic with supporting beams by using shear connectors (increasingly used). Multiple panel behavior: A large majority of bridges are constructed with shear connectors between the beam and slab to ensure a uni ed behavior. Two-directional bending is possible for small spans with wider girder spacing.
Glossary of Game Industry Terms
Table A-2 lists the Event log error messages created in the Windows Server 2000 or Windows 2003 Server Event Viewer by Presentation Server.
Practical Application of Rational B-Splines The rational B-spline method used to interpolate n motion constraints can be expressed as follows:
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