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Table 3.13 History of bridge failures due to lack of maintenance or neglect (management issues). U.S. Bridges Bridge over King s Slough River Point Pleasant Bridge Fulton Yates Bridge K&I Railroad Bridge Connecticut Turnpike Bridge (Mianus River) Location Near Fresno, California West Virginia Year 1947 1975 1967 Details of Failures Overloading from agricultural train Brittle failure of new steel Fatigue crack in eye bar chain suspension bridge Overloading during refurbishment Vehicle exceeding weight limit Corrosion of joint hangers (Gerber-joint), constraint stresses due to skew
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Laboratory Manual
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Figure 16 - 5
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SOLUTION For the purposes of this problem, view A is considered more favorable than view B if it provides a greater sweep for the eyes. In other words, form the triangle with vertices (i) the eye of the viewer, (ii) the top of the tapestry, and (iii) the bottom of the tapestry (Fig. 6.27). Angle is the angle at the eye of the viewer. We want the viewer to choose her position so that the angle at the eye of the viewer is maximized.
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Desktop Intelligence Options
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Namespaces and Other Advanced Topics
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4: IT Life-Cycle Management
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All conclusions drawn in the replacement versus rehabilitation discussion process must be fully documented to discuss the differing viewpoints and gain the knowledge and experience of the team before making the nal decision.
Table 8-9. Average Response Time for File Share Sync over LAN Windows Server 2003
Folders and categories provide a way of organizing documents and BI content. Folders provide the physical storage location of a file as well as a means to navigate content. Categories provide navigation only. A file must be stored in a folder; it does not have to be assigned a category. A group is a way of grouping users and granting access to folders or individual reports within folders. Groups will often be associated with particular folders. Thus, you may have a Finance group that has access to documents in a Finance folder. The Finance group may have subgroups such as accounts payable and accounts receivable that can edit individual reports within the Finance folder. At what point you create additional folders is dependent upon the number of reports you have and how easy it is to maintain permissions to individual reports versus folders. Because folders, categories, and groups are all interrelated, it s helpful to first plan how you want to organize documents and how you want to group users to maintain permissions before you begin the task of physically defining them. BusinessObjects 6 did not use the concept of folders to organize documents. Instead, it used domains and categories. Many companies would have one document domain, or they may have established separate document domains based on geographic or organizational structure. Categories provide an additional means to organize. A key feature of categories is that one document can be assigned to multiple categories, a significant difference from folders, in which a document can reside in only one folder. With BusinessObjects Enterprise XI, you can use folders, categories, or a combination of the two. Permissions can be applied to folders, categories, and individual files. Users navigate within the InfoView portal using either folders or categories. Folders and categories each have their merits, and I suspect that different administrators will be most comfortable with whatever approach they ve used in the past. Folders are required; categories are optional so you should provide a modest degree of folder structure before users can begin sharing content. I will say, though, that when you use a combination of categories and folders and grant different permissions to each, there is potential for confusion. Therefore, I recommend using categories only for navigation purposes, not security. When you create a new folder, two sets of permissions are automatically assigned: Administrators are given the access level Full Control. Everyone is given the access level Schedule.
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How to Organize the Data
EMEMBER: The protected specifier allows you to create a class member that is accessible within a class hierarchy, but is otherwise private.
MAC address types
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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