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Types of testing
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Number of Energy Levels
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The actual STS signals refer to a sequence of bits and should not be considered as representing an electrical or optical signal. Thus, they more approximately represent an abstract signal. For each STS signal, there exists a corresponding optical transmission signal, referred to as an optical carrier (OC). The format of the OC signal is based on the corresponding STS signal format. The two lowest levels in the SONET hierarchy also have defined electrical signals: EC-1 and EC-3. Both of these signals facilitate the use of test instruments as well as the interconnection of transmission equipment. Table 6.1 summarizes the SONET digital hierarchy. In examining the entries in Table 6.1, note that in trade publications it is quite common for a reference to STS-48 and STS-192 in the form of OC-48 and OC-192 to be rounded to data transmission rates of 2.5 and 10 Gbits/s, respectively. Similarly OC-768, which is presently in field trials, is commonly , referred to as a 40-Gbit/s transmission link. If you periodically read trade literature, you may come across an OC term with a trailing c, such as OC-192c. This term is usually employed to indicate a clear channel that provides a data transmission rate at the well-known optical signal rate. THE STS-1 FRAME SONET s fundamental signal, STS-1, operates at 51.84 Mbits/s, whereas, as noted in Table 6.1, higher-level signals operate at 3 multiples of that rate. Although the STS-1 frame represents a sequence of serially transmitted bits, most publications employ a two-dimensional matrix to illustrate the format of the frame. This two-dimensional matrix facilitates the TABLE 6.1 The SONET Digital Hierarchy
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Equipment vendors/Manufacturers:
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c. Enter a data source description. We choose Citrix database connection CitrixDS for this example. d. Enter the name of the SQL server your database resides on (created earlier). We choose TOYS-SQL-01 for this example. Click Next. e. Choose SQL Server Authentication and enter the credentials created during the SQL server and data store creation. (See, I told you that you were going to need it. You should have paid more attention.) f. Verify that the correct database name is listed in the Change the Default Database To: field. It is not necessary to check the box and enable the field if the correct database is already listed. If it is not listed correctly, check the box, choose the correct database (in our example it is CitrixDS), and then proceed with the next step. g. Accept the defaults for languages and locations and click Finish. h. Verify the settings and click Test Data Source. If the test is successful, click OK to continue. i. Enter the credentials for the initial farm administrator account and click Next. The wizard defaults to the account being used to do the installation (local administrator or domain administrator), but you may choose another account with administrator privileges. After the installation is complete, you may add other accounts for farm administration, as needed. NOTE: It is important to use a domain administrator account and to add a local administrator account following installation. If this is not done and the domain settings are changed, the Access Management Console will become inaccessible, requiring a reinstallation of the software. j. Decide on whether or not to enable IMA encryption and then click Next. NOTE: The IMA encryption feature provides a more robust AES encryption algorithm to help protect data in the data store. You must install identical encryption keys on all servers in the farm in order to use this feature. If you are not sure how to proceed, skip this step. You can always enable this feature at a later time. k. Enter the hostname of your server hosting Citrix Licenses and click Next. l. Keep the default option of allowing shadowing and then select the check box Force a shadow acceptance popup. CAUTION: Although this setting is not required, for most environments it can be a mandatory policy for user interaction. If you choose the option to prohibit shadowing of the ICA and RDP sessions on this server, a full reinstall of XenApp will have to be performed to reverse this decision. On the other hand, if shadowing is enabled during installation, it can later be disabled using the Citrix Connection Configuration Utility without a reinstall. Check with your organization s written policies and procedures for the requirements for this setting.
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// A simple safe array. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int &put(int i); // put value into the array int get(int i); // obtain a value from the array int vals[10]; int error = -1; int main() { put(0) = 10; // put values into the array put(1) = 20; put(9) = 30; cout << get(0) << ' '; cout << get(1) << ' '; cout << get(9) << ' ';
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Production Essentials
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What s New in CorelDRAW X4
A great many of the solutions described in this book have been developed under the auspices of the Internet Society. It is the Internet Society that is the copyright holder for those specifications. A copy of the copyright statement is included with all standards developed under the auspices of the Internet Society.
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There are also versions of the Concat( ) method that take object references, rather than string references. These obtain the string representation of the objects with which they are called and return a string containing the concatenation of those strings. (The string representations are obtained by calling ToString( ) on the objects.) These versions of Concat( ) are shown here: public static string Concat(object v1) public static string Concat(object v1, object v2) public static string Concat(object v1, object v2, object v3) public static string Concat(object v1, object v2, object v3, object v4) public static string Concat(params object[ ] v) The first method simply returns the string equivalent of v1. The other methods return a string that contains the concatenation of their arguments. The object forms of Concat( ) are very convenient because they let you avoid having to manually obtain string representations prior to concatenation. To see how useful these methods can be, consider the following program:
After learning the material covered in this chapter the student will be able to
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