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char wchar_t int (16-bit environments) int (32-bit environments) Common Sizes and Ranges of the Basic Types in C++ float double bool void
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Another routine test that cable systems must perform is the signal leakage test required by the FCC. This test has to be done on a quarterly basis and the results must be kept in the company technical les. The cumulative leakage index (CLI) parameter will be computed for a system at the completion of the testing period. Any problems with signal leakage should be expeditiously repaired, with documentation on the cause, the x, the date, and the personnel. The methods and technical speci cations will be discussed in 7. Two basic test procedures can be used to obtain the data for the CLI. One is the y-over method, requiring the use of an airplane ying over the system at a xed altitude. Monitoring equipment onboard the aircraft will record the signals leaking from the cable plant. Once the signal levels and the location are known, the problem areas can be easily identi ed. The use of the satellite-based global positioning system (GPS) can also be a big help in plotting the location of a leaking plant. The second method employs vehicle-mounted antennas used to locate problem areas. Once these areas are found, technicians using probe antennas can pinpoint the faulty connectors and loose ampli er housing. Many cable systems use this method. Technicians doing installation and maintenance tasks can monitor the plant at the same time. Keeping a plant free of leakage will also keep it free of signal noise and ingress.
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The C# Language
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Holidays This is paid time off for the whole company. In America, this is typically about ten days per year. A common scheme is to get Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, two days at Thanksgiving, and five days between Christmas and New Year s Day. People who want to observe other religious holidays can usually work out some kind of deal by working weekends, but talk to HR about it. Sick leave Some companies have sick leave policies in which you only get a certain number of paid days per year, usually five or ten. However, I ve found that it s more common for companies just to use a reasonable good sense approach: they don t keep track unless it starts to seriously affect your job. Sick employees who come to work anyway tend to infect other employees, which only makes things worse. If you re sick, stay home! Sabbatical A rare but wonderful benefit, borrowed from the academic world. After you ve been at a company for a certain number of years, they may give you several weeks off with pay as a reward, or some similar form of compensation. When I had been at Electronic Arts for seven years, they gave me seven weeks off. I used that time to start writing this book! Comp (compensatory) time When people have been working really hard, wise bosses give them a few days off after the project is done, usually under the table. Don t bother asking HR about this; as far as the company is concerned, it doesn t officially exist. This is one of the things you can ask a prospective coworker about. Be subtle about it, however. Don t say, So, do we get comp time for working so hard, or what Instead say, So what happens when a project is over Is it straight on to the next one
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public bool Equals(string value, StringComparison comparisonType) public static bool Equals(string a, string b) public static bool Equals(string a, string b, StringComparison comparisonType)
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site-to-site VPN; if you recall from 5, this is referred to as Identity NAT. The exception to this is an extranet L2L where there might be overlapping addresses between the two companies. Use the following syntax to implement identity NAT for your intranet L2L traffic:
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t this stage, we have a model with a complete set of the three financial statements. In this chapter, we will go through the types of ratios for showing how well a company is performing and a type of presentation called common-size that will show the income statement and balance sheet as in effect nothing but ratios.
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During Employment
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Breaker (typical) 120 VAC grounding
Digital Photography QuickSteps Stepping into Digital Photography PC QuickSteps Getting to Know Your PC
Basic ASA Configuration
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