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ciscoasa# show memory Free memory: 141399240 bytes (53%) Used memory: 127036216 bytes (47%) ---------------------------Total memory: 268435456 bytes (100%)
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Floating Propulsion System Ground No part of the propulsion system (batteries, controller, etc.) should be connected to any part of the vehicle frame. This minimizes the possibility of being shocked when you touch a battery terminal and the body or frame, and of a short circuit occurring if any part of the wiring becomes frayed and touches the frame or body. Accessory 12-Volt System Grounded to Frame The 12-volt accessory system in most EV conversions is grounded to the frame, just like the electrical system of the internal combustion vehicle chassis it utilizes. The body and frame is not connected to the propulsion system, but it can and should be used as the ground point for the 12-volt accessory system, just as the original vehicle chassis manufacturer did. Frame Grounded to AC Neutral When Charging The body and frame should be grounded to the AC neutral line (the green wire) when an on-board or offboard AC charger is attached to the vehicle. This prevents electrical shock when the batteries are being charged. To guarantee shock-free performance, transformerless chargers should always have a ground fault interrupter, and transformer-based chargers should be of the isolation type.
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Putting it All Together
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Perhaps the most important issue in VoIP is ensuring high speech quality. Anyone who has made calls over the Internet can attest to the fact that the quality is variable at best. In order for VoIP to be a commercial challenge to circuit-switched technology, the voice quality must be at least as good as experienced in today s telephony networks and should not vary. The reason why this is such a challenge for VoIP networks is the fact that IP was not originally designed to carry voice or similar real-time interactive media. IP was designed from the outset for data. Among the characteristics of most data traffic is that it is asynchronous, which means that it can tolerate delay. Data traffic is also extremely sensitive to packet loss, which requires mechanisms for the recipient of data packets to acknowledge a receipt, such that the sender can retransmit packets if an acknowledgment is not returned in a timely manner. Voice, however, is very sensitive to delay but is more tolerant of packet loss. Clearly, voice traffic imposes requirements that are quite different from those imposed by data traffic. Delay In many ways, real-time communications such as voice are almost the exact opposite of data, at least from a requirements perspective. To begin with, voice is more tolerant of packet loss, provided that lost packets are kept to a small percentage of the total (fewer than five percent). Voice, however, is extremely intolerant of delay. Anyone who has ever made an international call over a satellite knows how annoying delay can be. In a satellite call, it takes about 120 milliseconds for the signal to travel from the earth to the satellite and another 120 to come back down. If we add in some additional delay due to processing and terrestrial transmission, we have a one-way delay from A to B of 250 to 300 milliseconds. This means a round-trip delay of 500 to 600 milliseconds. It is the round-trip time that is important. Consider, for example, a conversation between A and B. A is speaking and B decides to interrupt. However, because of a delay, what B is hearing is already old by the time he hears it. Furthermore, when B interrupts, it takes time for A to hear the interruption. Therefore, it seems to B that A has ignored the interruption. Therefore, B stops. Now, however, A finally hears the interruption and
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Puede Ud. ayudarme, por favor A qu hora abre Ud. Puede darme un recibo Cu nto cuesta un sello para una carta por correo a reo Puede Ud. darme un corte de pelo Puede Ud. lavar en seco mi traje Puede Ud. darme otra lentilla de contacto Necesito una pel cula de treinta y seis exposiciones. Puede Ud. arreglar mi reloj D nde est la comisar a de polic a m s cercana
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In this example, two entries are in the ARP table, where both entries were learned dynamically. The Internet Address column lists the IP addresses of destination devices, and the Physical Address column lists the corresponding MAC addresses of these devices.
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This means that the one-way slot time of 512 bits represents half the maximum delay before the network experiences late collisions. Thus, the one-way delay must be doubled to 1024 bit times, which results in an engineering design constraint. While an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet
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true if the argument is even and false otherwise. Thus, it is compatible with the IsEven delegate declaration. At this point, you might be wondering how the compiler knows the type of the data used in a lambda expression. For example, in the lambda expression assigned to incr, how does the compiler know that count is an int The answer is that the compiler infers the type of the parameter and the expression s result type from the delegate type. Thus, the lambda parameters and return value must be compatible with the parameter type(s) and return type of the delegate. Although type inference is quite useful, in some cases, you might need to explicitly specify the type of a lambda parameter. To do so, simply include the type name. For example, here is another way to declare the incr delegate instance:
Route Summarization
Table 4-4. Multicast Table Size Limitations
// Create a relationship between two type parameters. using System; class A { //... } class B : A { // ... } // Here, V must inherit T. class MyGenClass<T, V> where V : T { // ... } class NakedConstraintDemo { static void Main() { // This declaration is OK because B inherits A. MyGenClass<A, B> x = new MyGenClass<A, B>(); // This declaration is in error because A does not inherit B. MyGenClass<B, A> y = new MyGenClass<B, A>(); } }
At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eRouters icon and choose 2600-1. On the 2600-1 router, remove the application of the ACL. Go into the interface: configure terminal and interface fa0/0. Deactivate the ACL: no ip access-group 1 in. Go back to Global Configuration mode: exit. 14. Remove ACL 1 from the configuration. Delete the ACL statements: no access-list 1. Exit configuration mode: end. Use the show access-list command to verify the ACL no longer exists. 15. Test connectivity from both switches. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eSwitches icon and choose 2950-1. From the 2950-1 switch, ping the 2600-1: ping At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eSwitches icon and choose 2950-2. The ping should be successful. From the 2950-2 switch, ping the 2600-1: ping Both pings should also be successful. Now you should be more comfortable with configuring standard numbered ACLs on a router.
Figure 11.9 The MSPP and dedicated EoS networks
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between an acid and a base.
return (char) 0; } getloc++; return q[getloc]; } }
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