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Your Model-Building Toolbox: Functions
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Using Type s methods and properties, it is possible to obtain detailed information about a type at runtime. This is an extremely powerful feature, because once you have obtained information about a type, you can invoke its constructors, call its methods, and use its properties. Thus, reflection enables you to use code that was not available at compile time. The Reflection API is quite large, and it is not possible to cover the entire topic here. (Complete coverage of reflection could easily fill an entire book!) However, because the Reflection API is logically designed, once you understand how to use a part of it, the rest just falls into place. With this thought in mind, the following sections demonstrate four key reflection techniques: obtaining information about methods, invoking methods, constructing objects, and loading types from assemblies.
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Furthermore, bi = where p 2 p = p 2 m i ,k + p 2 h i ,k s. Therefore,
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are CustNo for Customer, EmpNo for Employee, and OrdNo for OrderTbl.
Name Text TabOrder
is used in a sentence. This notation will help you distinguish variable names from method names in this book. The general form of a method is shown here: access ret-type name(parameter-list) { // body of method } Here, access is an access modifier that governs what other parts of your program can call the method. As explained earlier, the access modifier is optional. If not present, the method is private to the class in which it is declared. For now, we will declare methods public so that they can be called by any other code in the program. The ret-type specifies the type of data returned by the method. This can be any valid type, including class types that you create. If the method does not return a value, its return type must be void. The name of the method is specified by name. This can be any legal identifier other than those which would cause conflicts within the current declaration space. The parameter-list is a sequence of type and identifier pairs separated by commas. Parameters are essentially variables that receive the value of the arguments passed to the method when it is called. If the method has no parameters, the parameter list will be empty.
Balanced Scorecards
Invoke the indexer s get accessor.
Notice that nums is an int array of four elements. However, the for loop tries to index nums from 0 to 9, which causes an IndexOutOfRangeException to occur when an index value of 4 is tried. Although quite short, the preceding program illustrates several key points about exception handling. First, the code that you want to monitor for errors is contained within a try block. Second, when an exception occurs (in this case, because of the attempt to index nums beyond its bounds inside the for loop), the exception is thrown out of the try block and caught by the catch. At this point, control passes to the catch block, and the try block is terminated. That is, catch is not called. Rather, program execution is transferred to it. Thus, the WriteLine( ) statement following the out-of-bounds index will never execute. After the catch block executes, program control continues with the statements following the catch. Thus, it is the job of your exception handler to remedy the problem that caused the exception so program execution can continue normally.
If you are unsure of the shape of the curve in certain regions, check a point. With the information generated from the calculus and the concepts of limits you should get very close to the correct curve. As you gain more confidence you will not resort to checking specific areas of the curve by testing a point. The previous problem is typical of the more difficult ones you will encounter in your course. It is probably beyond what you will encounter on a test because of the complexity of the analysis and the potential for confusion. Sketches of the graphs of polynomials are much more popular as test problems. Know how to graph polynomials and you will be well along toward a good test score in graphng. Having gone through examples of what you can expect to encounter in graphing problems, it is now time to write down some procedural guidelines for graphing curves of the general form y = f ( x ) .
The following program shows an equivalent program that uses a class rather than a struct:
chemicals as instructed by your teacher. 2. Return all lab equipment to its proper place. 3. Clean up your lab area and wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the lab.
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