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Command-Line Interface (CLI)
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In addition to the access modifiers public, private, and protected, which we have been using throughout this book, C# also defines internal. Mentioned briefly in 6, internal declares that a member is known throughout all files in an assembly, but unknown outside that assembly. An assembly is a file (or files) that contains all deployment and version information for a program. Thus, in simplified terms, a member marked as internal is known throughout a program, but not elsewhere.
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Self Test
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Figure 21-1: Subscribers on GSM worldwide GSM amounts to approximately 38% of the world s wireless implementations spanning the 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz bands. In North America (the United States, and Canada) there are approximately two million users spanning 17 operators in over 1,550 cities across the continent.
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Transporting Voice by Using IP
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You can theoretically add the second measure to your existing table; however, the results displayed will not be correct.
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#include <iostream> #include <cstring> #include <cstdio> using namespace std; bool password(); int main() { if(password()) cout << "Logged on.\n"; else cout << "Access denied.\n"; return 0; } // Return true if password accepted; false otherwise. bool password() { char s[80]; cout << "Enter password: "; gets(s); if(strcmp(s, "password")) { // strings differ cout << "Invalid password.\n"; return false; }
Part I:
More Data Types and Operators
Figure 8-2
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