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Multithreaded Programming
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As another example, consider the natural join of Student (Table 3.13) and Enrollment (Table 3.14) shown in Table 3.15. In each row of the result, Student.StdSSN matches Enrollment.StdSSN. Only one of the join columns is included in the result. Arbitrarily, Student.StdSSN is shown although Enrollment.StdSSNcould be included without changing the result.
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Access Circuit Bonding Equipment Circuit Bonding Equipment
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// Display report. void report() { int i; for(i=0; i<10; i++) { cout << name[i] << ' ' << phone[i] << '\n'; cout << "Pay for the week: " << wage[i] * hours[i]; cout << '\n'; } }
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N E of the most important considerations in the design of your robot is locomotion. You can use a propeller, or even a jet engine, to blow your machine along, but these sorts of propellants are not allowed in most competitions and would prove to be quite ineffective anyway. Moving parts that actually touch the floor are the preferred method of providing controlled movement to your robot, with wheels being the most chosen method. The following are some definitions used in this book: I
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Technical Audio Skills
2. Comparing How does the mass of a mole of split peas compare with the masses of gold,
try { val = p.Add(q); // this will lead to an exception } catch (NullReferenceException) { Console.WriteLine("NullReferenceException!"); Console.WriteLine("fixing...\n"); // Now, fix it. q = new X(9); val = p.Add(q); } Console.WriteLine("val is {0}", val); } }
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any inventions that they create while they are employed even if they make them at home on their own time. When I first saw this I was really shocked, wondering if I should refuse and lose the job. I had been working on a game at home, and I didn t want my new employer to claim ownership. A closer reading, however, showed that it wasn t strictly true that I had to give up all inventions. First, anything that you invent before you take employment somewhere is obviously your own property. Second, there were exceptions. The California Labor Code (which applied in my case) does not allow a company to demand ownership of everything an employee does. If I created something on my own time, without using my employer s facilities, trade secrets, or any work I had done for them, and it was unrelated to my employer s business, then it was all mine. If I worked for a software company and I invented a brilliant new kind of can opener, they couldn t claim ownership of it. My first programming job was not for a game company, so I could safely create games on the side. But you are going to a game company, so you may not be able to. See the upcoming section titled The Hazards of Moonlighting for a discussion of this. Remember also that my experience only applies to California and was many years ago. Check with a lawyer or your state s own labor or employment department to find out what the law pertaining to employee inventions says in your area.
Shore-power cable
NOTE I normally wouldn t recommend joining a description field from one table to a description
MIN and MAX become a much better choice over IF when there are more elements: = MAX(A10,B10,C10,0) or = MAX(A10:C10,0) An equivalent IF statement would be = IF AND A10>= B10,A10>= C10,A10>= 0 ,A10, IF AND B10>= A10,B10>= C10,B10>= 0 ,B10, IF AND C10>= A10,C10>= B10,C10>= 0 ,C10,0 As you can see, this tortuous formula is horrendously difficult to write correctly and check, and this is only to test just three cells against the value 0. In the case where we want to find the maximum or minimum values of a range or a row, there is no other way but to use MAX or MIN: = MAX A1: G16 = MIN 10:10
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