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of polarity indication devices must be at least 25k ohms. Figure 9.5 shows a simple polarity-indicating circuit that satis es the 25k ohm criterion. A green light indicates correct polarity (voltage between the hot and neutral conductors). A red light indicates incorrect polarity (either neutral or grounding conductor hot).
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During an audit of information systems, the IS auditor should make several observations, including whether: Any segregations of duties (SODs) are established in terms of the entire transaction process flow
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If you compare this version of the three_d inserter to the one shown earlier in this chapter, you will find that no changes have been made to make it accommodate disk files. Once you correctly define an inserter or extractor, it will work with any stream.
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1. Select the thermostat or temperature sensor to control from the list by pointing to it using your mouse pointer. 2. Left-click on the desired unit or right-click to display its context menu.
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Fiber-Optic Technology in Cable Systems
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const_cast<target-type> (expr) dynamic_cast<target-type> (expr) reinterpret_cast<target-type> (expr) static_cast<target-type> (expr) Here, target-type specifies the target type of the cast and expr is the expression being cast to the new type. The const_cast operator is used to explicitly override const and/or volatile in a cast. The target type must be the same as the source type except for the alteration of its const or volatile attributes. The most common use of const_cast is to remove const-ness. dynamic_cast performs a run-time cast that verifies the validity of the cast. If the cast cannot be made, the cast fails and the expression evaluates to null. Its main use is for performing casts on polymorphic types. For example, given two polymorphic classes B and D, with D derived from B, a dynamic_cast can always cast a D* pointer into a B* pointer. A dynamic_cast can cast a B* pointer into a D* pointer only if the object being pointed to actually is a D*. In general, dynamic_cast will succeed if the attempted polymorphic cast is permitted (that is, if the target type can legally apply to the type of object being cast). If the cast cannot be made, then dynamic_cast evaluates to null. The static_cast operator performs a nonpolymorphic cast. For example, it can be used to cast a base class pointer into a derived class pointer. It can also be used for any standard conversion. No run-time checks are performed The reinterpret_cast operator changes one type into a fundamentally different type. For example, it can be used to change a pointer into an integer. A reinterpret_cast should be used for casting inherently incompatible pointer types. Only const_cast can cast away const-ness. That is, neither dynamic_cast, static_cast, nor reinterpret_cast can alter the const-ness of an object. The following program demonstrates the use of dynamic_cast.
This example creates two additional classes, called X and Y, which also define event handlers compatible with MyEventHandler. Thus, these handlers can also become part of the event chain. Notice that the handlers in X and Y are not static. This means that objects of each must be created, and the handler linked to each instance must be added to the event chain. The differences between instance and static handlers is examined in the next section.
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