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Some organizations, particularly those that deal with high-risk or high-value activities, enact mandatory vacations of one week or longer for some or all employees. This practice can accomplish three objectives: Cross training An absence of one week or longer will force management to cross-train other employees, so that the organization is less reliant upon specific individuals. Audit A minimum absence gives the organization an opportunity to audit the absent employee s work, to make sure that the employee is not involved in any undesired behavior. Reduced risk Knowing that they will be away from their day-to-day activities for at least one or two contiguous weeks each year, employees are less apt to partake in prohibited activities.
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Even though the word mechanical is prominently featured in the acronym MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), truly mechanical applications of MEMS are still in their infancy. While it is true that moving solids and uids, as opposed to moving electrons, distinguish MEMS from microelectronics, the research activities and applications of MEMS until now have been mostly focused on microtransducers that include microsensors and actuators. Surface contact between moving structural members is avoided or minimized in microtransducers. In this chapter, the focus is on MEMS devices with mechanical transmissions where such a contact is necessary. To make the chapter self-contained, some background on MEMS and the materials and microfabrication processes used to make them are included. A general discussion of mechanical manipulation at the micro scale is presented to describe the basic elements such as joints and also to identify the needs and challenges. There has not yet been widespread use of cams in MEMS. Since cams and gears are similar in action and to broaden the notion of cams, gear transmissions are included in this chapter in addition to devices based on the usual cam action. Microactuators and tribological issues, which are relevant for future application of cams in MEMS, are also discussed.
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The C# Language
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This function is similar to node discovery in design but is much more detailed. Once a node is discovered and identified, the discovery process will interrogate the device to find out about the software and hardware configuration. If fat clients must be used, this
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The IS auditor needs to conduct a meticulous review of the organization s network architecture. This will require an examination of architecture diagrams and documents, walkthroughs with key systems and network staff, and inspection of many system and network device configuration files. NOTE The IS auditor needs to conduct an investigation into the available network paths, independent of any examination of documents, in order to discover any undocumented or unintended paths. This process is explained in more detail earlier in this section. Auditing architecture requires attention to several key details, including: Architecture diagrams The IS auditor should obtain and become familiar with high-level and detailed architecture diagrams that show the logical relationships between key network and system features. Architecture documents Visual diagrams are usually accompanied by written documents that describe the purpose of various architectural features. The IS auditor should use these documents to supplement diagrams to get a more complete picture of the network architecture. Support of business objectives The IS auditor should determine if the network s architecture supports key business objectives. Compliance with security policy The IS auditor should determine if the network s architecture is compliant with the organization s security policy. This may include the logical segregation of business functions, protection of key assets, and separation of responsibilities between departments. Comparisons of documented versus actual The IS auditor should examine several key points in the documented network architecture to see if the network s configuration actually reflects its documented design. The IS auditor should seek to understand any discrepancies found.
Typically, you can save an existing document simply by clicking the Save button on the Standard Toolbar or by choosing File | Save (CTRL+S), which causes your most recent changes to be saved immediately without opening any dialogs. CorelDRAW X4 s Save Drawing dialog contains more than just options on where to save and what name to use when saving the file. For a practical exercise that explores the additional options you have when saving, follow these steps.
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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mine the average rate of a chemical reaction. What factor is held constant What are the variables 3. Read the entire laboratory activity. Form a hypothesis about how an increase in temperature will affect reaction rate. Form a second hypothesis about how an increase in concentration will affect reaction rate. Record your hypotheses on page 130. 4. Summarize the procedures you will follow to test your hypotheses.
Anita Lee-Post University of Kentucky John D. (Skip) Lees California State University Chico William Leigh University of Central Florida Robert Little Auburn University Montgomery Dr. Jie Liu Western Oregon University Mary Malliaris Loyola University Chicago Bruce McLaren Indiana State University Dr. Kathryn J. Moland Livingstone College Hossein Larry Najafi University of Wisconsin River Falls Karen S. Nantz Eastern Illinois University Ann Nelson High Point University Hamid Nemati University of North Carolina Greensboro Robert Phillips Radford University Lara Preiser-Houy California State Polytechnic University Pomona Young U. Ryu University of Texas Dallas Werner Schenk University of Rochester Dr. Barbara A. Schuldt Southeastern Louisiana Philip J. Sciame Dominican College University
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