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TABLE 13-1
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Filter Design
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// Display the running sum and product for the // numbers 1 through 10. for(i=1; i <= 10; i++) { sum += i; prod *= i; str = String.Format("Sum:{0,3:D} Product:{1,8:D}", sum, prod); Console.WriteLine(str); } } }
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Dermoscopy from A to Z
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The Virginia Beach Police Department, the state s third-largest law enforcement organization, tries to maintain a high level of security and safety, particularly given the city s status as a popular tourist site. To that end, the department was interested in deploying a facial recognition system to determine the technology s value as a public safety tool. When the proposal to install a facial recognition system was introduced, however, controversy ensued. Citizen involvement, therefore, became an important factor in evaluating the acceptability of the technology. City leaders organized several town meetings so that citizens questions could be answered and the public could be educated on this topic. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), city officials, local community leaders, and outside experts participated in these meetings. A Facial Recognition Program Citizen s Advisory and Audit Committee was formed by a diverse group of citizens drawn from different organizations, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Federation of Filipino Americans, the Hispanic Community Dialogue, the Virginia Beach Hotel/Motel Association, and the Council of Civic Leagues. This Committee provided input and aided in preparation of a general order outlining the use and operation of the facial recognition system. The Committee also serves as an auditor of the system to ensure the proper use, storage, and disposal of digital images. These efforts helped win community support. In August 2001, the police department applied for a Department of Criminal Justice Service grant. The grant was approved for $150,000. After the city council held a public hearing, the council voted to accept the grant and appropriated an additional $50,000 for the project. Virginia Beach already had a video surveillance system comprised of ten cameras in strategic locations throughout the Oceanfront area. As part of the facial recognition project, the city integrated three new cameras into the existing system. The facial recognition system, however, is housed on a separate, stand-alone computer to minimize unauthorized access. The facial recognition system s database will contain images of subjects with warrants (for example, felony warrants, misdemeanor warrants involving violence) or reports (for example, missing persons, runaways). In addition, endangered individuals such as Alzheimer s patients will be included. The chart below shows the numbers of outstanding warrants and active reports in Virginia as of September 2002:
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1. To begin drill mode, select Drill mode from the main toolbar. 2. As shown in Figure 19-13, Web Intelligence inserts another report tab, naming it Report (1), where Report is the name of the first report tab (assuming this Drill option is enabled via InfoView preferences). You also now have several navigation icons embedded within the table or chart. A drill bar has been added to show that the current Analysis Context or slice is Texas. A drill-up arrow next to City indicates you can drill up to State. If you mouse over the City column, a navigation tip appears. Hyperlinks appear in each column for which drill-down is available. 3. From the Drill toolbar, you can use the drop-down box to filter the selection to All States or to an individual state. Selecting Remove will remove the filter so that details for all cities in all states appear in the table. To drill down from the city Houston to the individual stores in Houston, click Houston within the table block. City now appears as a drill filter in the drill toolbar. code 39 generator code project
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Lester Electrical
A storage area network (SAN) is created when host servers access remote block storage using SCSI commands encapsulated in a networked protocol. The two commonly used SAN transport protocols are Fiber Channel (FC) and iSCSI, which encapsulate SCSI commands in the Ethernet protocol. Configurations can include clustered file servers, RAID arrays connected through a controlling server, or any storage scheme that relies on a host to pass data and control traffic. Windows Server 2008 includes links to SAN technology built into the file system, making it easier than ever to build a large-scale storage network. A network-attached storage (NAS) device is a disk array that connects directly to a network via a LAN interface such as Ethernet or FDDI. Popular SAN and NAS devices include products by companies such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Pillar Data, and EMC. Either SAN or NAS enable very fast data access, and many models have storage capacity measured in terabytes. Because most, if not all, of the organization s data will be hosted in the data center, such a storage scheme is often essential. In some application delivery architectures, a SAN or NAS will supplement the file servers, allowing organizations to store and access large amounts of data more efficiently. In others, the SAN or NAS may
Data Center Architecture Design
The FinePix S602 Zoom owes its 6 pixels to a 3rd generation Super CCD sensor with advanced signal processing. This means better color reproduction and high sensitivity, resulting in high resolution images.
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Low Intermediate High
Here is the output produced by the program:
Angled Connector Straight Connector
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<add key="MutualTrustList" value="serverA"/>
where the expression y(x + Ax) means the value ofy at x + hx and y ( x ) means the value of y at x.
Most of the time the integrals are so dificult it is worth looking at both formulas for the arc length in an attempt to find the easiest integral. The other possible integral starts from &/@.
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