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signed requires three elements: (1) a writing, (2) a signature, and (3) shows intention to authenticate the transaction. The first question, therefore, is whether an electronic signature contains these elements. Courts have recognized that many types of writings may satisfy this statutory requirement. For example, courts have recognized that a telegram constitutes a writing and have found that a facsimile (or fax ) satisfies the requirement. Courts have also found that data stored on a computer disk can constitute a writing. Provided that an electronic record of the transaction is retained on computer disk or hard drive, therefore, it appears likely that courts would find the writing requirement to be satisfied. In accordance with the UCC definition that any symbol can constitute a signature, courts have recognized that letterhead, trademarks, stamped or printed symbols, or even an X, can satisfy the signature requirement. Three examples drawn from New York legal history demonstrate that the state law adapted to recognize many signatures. In 1880, the New York courts accepted that any figure or mark may be used in lieu of one s proper name, a legal recognition of the fact that New York attracted many immigrants, not all of whom were literate.11 By 1911, the courts accepted that a handwritten signature was not required on an agreement, acknowledging that New York s many corporations and service industries could more efficiently use rubber stamps to signify their agreement for many of their standard language contracts, such as those commonly used in the insurance industry.12 After World War II, the New York state legislature captured what the New York courts had already, in effect, done when it modified the law by broadly defining a signature to include any memorandum, mark or sign, printed, stamped, photographed, engraved, or otherwise placed on an instrument or writing. 13 The point to remember is that the law adapts to changed circumstances to include demographic, technological, and business advances. Thus, the restriction on what symbol may constitute a signature is not particularly rigorous because the nub of the requirement is that the signature demonstrate an intention to authenticate the writing. If one party to a transaction places an X at the bottom of a contract, the other party (and a court) can reasonably infer that the signer has agreed to be bound by the contract. It may be more difficult, however, to infer such intent in an electronic environment. Providing a biometric-based electronic signature would seem to constitute a legally enforceable means of entering into a contract. A biometric identifier appended to an electronic record would meet the signature and writing requirements, and the requisite intent by the party to authenticate the transaction could be inferred from the context of the transaction. But such after-the-fact
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The Preprocessor, RTTI, Nullable Types, and Other Advanced Topics 2d barcode generator
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Repair and Retro t Methods
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Move the Citrix XenApp Servers to the Newly Created OU
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Furthermore, the individual elements of a statement can also be put on separate lines. For example, the following is perfectly acceptable:
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You might want to experiment with this program, trying different function objects and binding different values. As you will discover, binders expand the power of the STL in very significant ways. One last point: there is an object related to a binder, called a negator. The negators are not1( ) and not2( ). They return the negation (i.e., the complement of) whatever predicate they modify. They have these general forms. not1(unary_predicate) not2(binary_predicate) For example, if you substitute the line
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7.3.4 Error measurement in digital transmission systems
for(x=0; x<1000; x++) ;
// A closer look at Format(). using System; class FormatDemo2 { static void Main() { int i; int sum = 0; int prod = 1; string str;
1. Pointers provide the means by which functions can modify their calling arguments. 2. Pointers support dynamic allocation. 3. Pointers can improve the efficiency of certain routines. 4. Pointers provide support for dynamic data structures such as linked lists and binary trees. Pointers are one of the strongest but also one of the most dangerous features in C/C++. For example, uninitialized or wild pointers can cause the system to crash. Perhaps worse, it is easy to use pointers incorrectly, causing bugs that are very difficult to find. Because of their importance and their potential for abuse, this chapter examines the subject of pointers in detail.
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You re basically covered when you use CorelDRAW. You can export your work not only to other Corel product file formats, but also to third-party application file formats, as discussed earlier in this chapter. The downside is perhaps that you re now like a kid in a candy shop: they all look good where should you begin The following is a brief summary of the available export filters:
Legally speaking, there is no such thing as a standard contract for anything. Every contract is unique and every word is meaningful. Be extremely suspicious of anyone in any circumstance, whether you re getting a job or buying a mattress who hands you something with a blas attitude and says, Oh, and I ll just need you to sign our standard contract.
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