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Rather than using pre-rendered graphics subtitles, text-based subtitles provide a more dynamic way for displaying subtitle data. Text and associated style information are stored and used to render subtitles to the screen. As the text-based subtitles are implemented as out-ofmux streams, they do not take away any bitrate capacity from the AV streams. This implementation allows text-based subtitle streams to be present on a disc without impacting the audio or video quality. It also provides a perfect solution for downloadable subtitles as the files are very small and they are easy to imbed as an out of-mux stream. While it is the content authors choice whether to use text-based or graphics-based subtitles, it should be considered that only one stream can be displayed at any given point in time. It is not possible to display both graphics and text-based subtitles simultaneously. Each text subtitle segment can contain up to two text regions, and each region, besides having different text content, can be presented with a different style. However, both regions are tied to the same timing, which is frame-accurately synchronized to the AV presentation. The text region defines a size and position within the graphics plane and can have a unique background color. Within the text region, a text box defines the size and position of the text to be displayed. This framework provides flexibility for a user to define how much border will be shown outside the text. Each text box also has attributes that can be defined, such as, text flow, alignment, and line spacing. And, obviously, the various attributes such as font type, style, size and color can be set for each region, as well. In addition to defining the text attributes for a given text box, they can also be set individually for each character as in-line styles. So having listed all the flexibility and bandwidth advantages of text-based subtitles, what are the trade-offs Well, there are two disadvantages. First, it should be recognized that each player has a different font renderer and although the content author is able to define the fonts, they may look different on each player. But, besides this artistic challenge, there is a more fundamental issue called font licensing. Which font will be used should be considered very carefully. Although some fonts are available for free, most of them are not. And, in order to include them on a Blu-ray Disc, each font needs to be licensed, which adds some administrative and financial obstacles, especially when considering international releases. One way around font licenses is to design a unique font. Although this may seem a little bit over the top, it is actually not too difficult to implement, could add something unique to the disc and certainly avoids getting surprised by font royalty payments.
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Ethernet as defined by IEEE-layered model (vis- -vis the OSI model)
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Houses are wired in two phases.
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Eastman Kodak Company
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Making suggestions Going to the movies and watching
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At present, no one is going to want this drawing of a gear to go into any piece of machinery: there s no hole for a shaft, and those teeth need a deeper groove in-between them. These two minor manufacturing defects are easily solved through the use of CorelDRAW s Shaping operations, available from the Arrange menu but also from the Property Bar when two or more objects are selected. In the following steps, you ll use two Shaping operations Weld and Trim that you ll definitely use in future assignments of your own.
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Calculate the area above the x-axis and under the curve
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Fig. 14.1 NPN Transistor
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8. Verify the PVC s configuration on the 2600-2. View the PVC: show frame-relay pvc. 9. On the 2600-1, test the connection to the 2600-2. Verify the router s routing table. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eRouters icon and choose 2600-1. On the 2600-1 router, ping the 2600-2 s Frame Relay interface: ping The ping should be successful. If it isn t, wait 1 minute and try again the inverse ARP might be taking place. 10. From Host-1, test the connection to Host-3. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eStations icon and choose Host-1.On Host-1, ping Host-3: ping The ping should be successful. Now you should be more familiar with configuring Frame Relay with subinterfaces.
To control the order of available file formats in the Save As Type listing, use options in the Sort Type drop-down menu. For example, if you choose Bitmap from the Sort Type drop-down menu, all of the available bitmap export file options are moved to the top of the drop-down list, making selecting a bitmap format easier. Non-bitmap file formats can still be chosen they re just below the divider in the list.
G. K. Ananthasuresh, Ph.D.
Find all local maxima and minima of the function k(x) = x 3 3x 2 24x + 5.
x ln x dx + lim
1/x = lim x = 0. 1/x 2 x 0+
Static Route Configuration
An access attack occurs when someone tries to gain unauthorized access to a component, tries to gain unauthorized access to information on a component, or increases their privileges on a network component. Many kinds of access attacks are used, but the most common kind is a password attack. In a password attack, the adversary tries to guess a valid password for an existing account. She might attempt this kind of attack by using a password cracking program that will use a dictionary to guess common passwords or use a brute-force approach by guessing every combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. A brute-force attack might take a long time to break a password, depending on the length of the password and the computing power used to discover the password. L0ptcrack and Cain & Abel are very good passwordcracking programs that support the use of brute force; Cain & Abel is even free to download! More commonly, adversaries will use social engineering to trick a user into revealing passwords or installing a Trojan horse to capture keystrokes from a user s PC, including login credentials. Some adversaries might even use packet sniffers to examine clear-text connections, such as telnet and FTP, for usernames and passwords. To mitigate these kinds of access attacks, strict access control features should be in place. Access should be restricted to network components and their information through the use of network filters; for example, only accounting people should be able to access accounting servers and data on those servers. This kind of feature can be enforced by access control lists (ACLs) on routers or firewalls, which are covered in more detail in 22. To mitigate Trojan horse attacks, an IDS/IPS and anti-spyware software should be used. An example of a good (and free) IDS/IPS tool is SNORT, which can run on many UNIX-based and Windows systems. To reduce the likelihood of a brute-force password guessing attack, passwords should contain a combination of letters (upper and lowercase), numbers, and special characters. Passwords should be at least 10 characters long, and users shouldn t be allowed to use the same password on multiple network components. Many companies use token cards, which use one-time passwords (OTPs) a different, dynamic password is required each time a user logs into a system, making it practically impossible for an adversary to guess the ever-changing dynamic password. Another common solution is to encrypt information between two network components so that login credentials cannot be viewed; for example, it is better to use SSH instead of telnet for remote access because SSH encrypts the session traffic. SSH is discussed in more depth in 17.
AOL was the most successful of the information services, eventually buying CIS. This was primarily due to marketing, low cost, and ease of use. (CIS was a little late introducing a GUI and when they did, it was obscure, non-intuitive, and hard to use.) AOL s membership snowballed because the more users there were, the more advertisers were willing to pay for advertisement and offer services via AOL. The more services they offered, the more attractive they became to more subscribers. The best part was that AOL could now charge more for its banner ads because they would be viewed by that many more folks when they signed on.
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