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The administrative assistant discussed in the preceding major section in connection with primary versus secondary status can also be a gatekeeper. As the BusinessObjects XI expert, you want to better understand the information flow and business value of the reports the assistant schedules on a regular basis. A conversation with the VP of Marketing would be invaluable. The assistant sees no need for such a meeting (nor does the VP of Marketing, since the VP has never even heard of BusinessObjects XI), as the assistant can tell you everything you want to know about how the department uses the tool anyway. At this point, you can rely exclusively on the feedback the assistant gives you, or you can ask the assistant for help by having a joint conversation with both the primary and secondary users. To make the BusinessObjects XI implementation more successful, Understand what the gatekeepers want. Recognize their efforts and role in the business intelligence process; look for ways to involve them or make them part of the implementation team. Identify the mutually exclusive goals. Identify the common goals. Build allegiances with the gatekeepers so that they work with you, not against you. Understand if there are any job protection issues involved here.
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The hybrid user profile is another solution for the mandatory profile issue. When the user logs on, the mandatory profile loads, and a custom application loads and unloads user registry hives based on applications available to the user. The user, as in a mandatory profile scenario, can modify those portions of registry during the session. The big difference from the pure mandatory profile is that changes get saved when the user logs off and they get reloaded when the user logs in again. When the hybrid profile is used, the following registry keys must be imported and exported as part of the logon and logoff process:
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ment (TE) and the Network Termination (NT). Either side may initiate the connection; then communication progresses through the indicated INFO states until the layer 1 link is established, signaling that data transfer can begin.
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To confirm proper operation of the physical prototype: 1. Supply the oscillator with its nominal VCC. Only the fundamental frequency and its harmonics (at 10 dBc or less) should be present at the oscillator s output. Spurious small-amplitude signals from external EMI entering the oscillator may be present, and are usually acceptable. In a fundamental (nonmultiplied) oscillator, there should be no subharmonics (0.25fr, 0.5fr) at the output due to parametric oscillations. 2. Smoothly change the voltage of the oscillator s VCC from 0 V to the maximum safe operating voltage. During these changes, both up and back down again, there should be only uniform variations in the oscillator s output frequency and power, with no unexpected jumps except at some low VCC where oscillations will cease. 3. In a VCO, any tuning voltage that is applied to the varactor diode should show up as a smooth oscillator output frequency with no severe power dips or peaks across its full monotonic tuning range. 4. The oscillator should function within frequency, power, and harmonic specifications when operated over wide temperature, load, and vibration deviations.
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Figure 22.16 Avalanche photodetector.
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Two major drivers have combined to propel the range of Ethernet service offerings and the provider s ability to offer them:
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5: Astonish
Port address redirection is a form of static PAT, where traffic sent to a specific
C++ #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { char ch; if(argc!=3) { cout << "Usage: NAME <filename> <starting location>\n"; return 1; } ifstream in(argv[1], ios::in | ios::binary); if(!in) { cout << "Cannot open file.\n"; return 1; } in.seekg(atoi(argv[2]), ios::beg); while(in.get(ch))
here) and save this file to CDR file format.
Figure 4-6 The Dust & Scratches filter cleans out dust marks from all selected areas.
Launching the console as the Password Manager Administrator s account for the first time causes all objects to inherit the permissions from the original CentralStoreRoot folder. When running the console with a delegated administrator, remember the current user must have access to all the locations and containers where an object is stored or the update will fail. This means delegated administrators cannot update global objects (such as the Identity Verification Question) unless they have access to all the user accounts and OUs where the global object is used. CAUTION The Citrix Password Manager console only checks permissions on the CentralStore object before performing the delete. If the administrative user does not have permissions to delete user objects in the OU, the object is left in the OU and removed from the central store.
TABLE 21-1 Methods De ned by Math (continued)
Dependent Voltage Sources
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