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sharp turns in its path creation based on neighboring pixels whose colors abruptly change. Smoothing will also produce fewer objects; you need to consider the visual content of the bitmap before you set up tracing options: this logo clearly has very few unique solid colors and very few sharp turns and twists in its geometric content.
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To access an element in a two-dimensional array, you must specify both indices, separating the two with a comma. For example, to assign the value 10 to location 3, 5 of array table, you would use
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Figure 7-6 My own photo album at Shutterfly.com, a slide show in progress.
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Related Functions
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Begin a Design with a Concept
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1. All data is veri ed by fact checkers. 193
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Figure 6.4b Interoperability will test VPIs in a given range.
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1 2 = 1 + ( x 3 ) 2 3x x= 2 =
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special needs
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FIGURE 9-3 The universe parameter COLUMNS_SORT affects how elds are sorted within the universe structure and how automatically created objects are ordered.
Primary: Failed
3. Give distance and lightspeed these values: distance = 34000000; // 34,000,000 miles lightspeed = 186000; // 186,000 miles per second 4. To compute the delay, divide distance by lightspeed. This yields the delay in seconds.
data warehouse, this still may be accessible via Web Intelligence. It requires some creativity and some organizational issues, but here is a work-around: Web Intelligence in XI Release 2 allows for synchronized multiple data sources in a document. With this capability, the central data warehouse team does not have to load the departmental dimensional data into the central data warehouse to make it accessible to end users. They do, however, have to allow the department to build a universe off the departmental data source. End users can then easily combine the data from the central data warehouse universe with the dimensional data in the universe from the departmental data source.
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1. (a) (b) (c) (d) 3 ln a 2 ln b 5 ln c ln d 3 log2 a + log2 b log3 a 2 log3 b 2x + 3 ln z 2 ln w 3w + 1
10.12.1 Introduction
To connect to the cloud, most likely you and your users will utilize a web browser. Which one should you use Well, that s really up to you. Browsers tend to be mostly the same, but with some subtle functional differences. There might be cases when you cannot use anything but Microsoft s Internet Explorer, but for the most part you should be able to use any browser you want. Internet Explorer enjoys the highest market share of browser usage 69.77 percent (according to a December 2008 study released by the web metrics firm Net Applications). You can attribute that dominance to the fact that Internet Explorer is included with Windows, the dominant operating system in the world. But you don t have to use Internet Explorer if you don t want to. As the chart in Figure 6-1 shows, there are other options out there, just not as widely used. Mozilla s Firefox accounts for 20.78 percent, Apple s Safari represents 7.13 percent, while Google Chrome accounts for less than 1 percent of the market at .98 percent. The remaining almost 2 percent of browsers include products like Camino, Opera, and others. Of course these numbers are moving targets, but the market shares have been more or less the same over the months.
Job-hunting can be a long, discouraging, and emotionally demanding task. In order to prevent it from wearing you down, you have to go into it with the right attitude: it s professional, not personal. If someone doesn t return your phone calls, it s almost certainly because they re too busy, not because they have anything against you. Try again in a day or so. If you get nowhere with a company, don t rule them out for life, just make a note by their name that says not this time. Move on to the next company. Keep at it both the networking and the digging. Almost everybody I ve spoken to in the game industry believes that their own breaking in story was a special case. They think that they didn t get their job in the normal way ; they just got lucky. They met somebody at a party; they just happened to hear about a job from a friend; they saw an ad in a magazine left on a bus, or whatever. After hearing enough of these stories, I came to realize that there is no normal way. These people didn t just get lucky; they made their own luck by keeping their eyes and ears open, and actively pursuing their dream. There s always a little bit of luck required in job-hunting, but the effort you put into it can change the odds in your favor. Don t give up: with patience, persistence, and a positive attitude, you will get a job in the game industry one way or another and then you, too, will have a breaking in story to tell.
Fig. 6.25
TVL H pixels V pixels Total pixels
Figure 3.7 The size of a fiberoptic cable is specified in terms of the cable s core X and cladding Y diameters as X/Y in micrometers.
The Interactive Drop Shadow Tool is about as hard to use as click-dragging, and after you click-drag to create a custom shadow, you ll see a series of Property Bar options. The tool is found in the Toolbox with other interactive tools. A Drop Shadow effect is usually anchored to an object at a specific point. For example, after you click-drag to create a drop shadow, the shadow is apparently anchored to the object by the white marker, the beginning of the effect. It s not anchored, not if you understand that the effect has several anchor points, corresponding to nodes on the control object. If you click-drag just a little on the white marker, nothing happens, but if you click-drag toward a snap point, a control node on the object, you ll find that you can convert a drop shadow to a cast (perspective) shadow and vice versa the object s center is considered to be a control point as well. Shadows are anchored because you probably don t want your drop shadow to become detached from your object if you move the object. Losing your shadow is a privilege only to be enjoyed by vampires.
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