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cout << "Object is " << typeid(*p).name(); cout << ". "; // count it if(typeid(*p) == typeid(triangle)) t++; if(typeid(*p) == typeid(rectangle)) r++; if(typeid(*p) == typeid(circle)) c++; // display its area cout << "Area is " << p->area() << endl; } cout cout cout cout cout << << << << << endl; "Objects generated:\n"; " Triangles: " << t << endl; " Rectangles: " << r << endl; " Circles: " << c << endl;
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In this example, the cast is needed in order to transform the integer literal 0x2112 into a const volatile character pointer.
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From Headquarters Headquarters Headquarters Data center
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Table B.8 Video Resolution (continued)
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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if(x) if(y) printf("1"); else printf("2");
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Substantially supported Substantially supported using L-LSP model Marginally supported
4. If you have more than one document open in CorelDRAW, you can choose which
Hewlett-Packard Photosmart 720
IMA Service Fails to Start
of the two subnets (instead of one). The biggest difference is the configuration on RouterA, shown here:
5. Design matching network to cancel all reactances at the transistor s output and the load s input, while employing Rv as the new ZOUT of the transistor for the impedance-matching network. Remove Rv, and combine all series reactances. 6. Design input matching network for a conjugate match to the transistor s input.
CorelDRAW X4. Hovering over the name of one of these files causes a thumbnail preview and the document information for that file to appear. Click on the name of the file, and the Welcome dialog closes and the file you selected opens. If you want to open an existing file that is not among the five most recent files you ve opened, click the Open Other button to close the Welcome screen page and to open a standard Open Drawing dialog. To start a new drawing document, click on the New Blank Document link in the Start New section of the Quick Start tab, or click on the New From Template link if you want to create a document from one of the special design layouts that ship with CorelDRAW or from a template you previously created. The other tabs lead you to the following areas of interest:
What is HIV A single-stranded RNA retrovirus that infects CD4 receptor lymphocytes and other target cells and causes a progressive decrease in cellular immunity leading to AIDS Sexual contact Parenteral exposure to blood or bodily fluids (i.e., IV drugs, occupational exposure) Vertical transmission (from an infected mother to her fetus) How do HIV-infected patients initially present With mononucleosis-like symptoms such as fever, weight loss, night sweats, pharyngitis, lymphadenopathy, erythematous maculopapular rash. This is followed by a long asymptomatic period lasting from months to years 25% Difficult-to-treat vaginal infections (candidiasis, BV, and common STDs) Increase in frequency, severity, and recurrence of HSV ulcers, HPV infections, and cervical dysplasia
and outbound) two or more ACLs cannot be applied inbound or outbound to the same interface. (Actually, one ACL for each protocol, such as IP and IPX, can be applied to an interface in each direction.)
then the characteristics of the collimated beam are given by the following formulas: BD DA 2 f MFD f where MFD and NA are the mode field diameter and numerical aperture of the waveguide while BD and DA represent the beam diameter and full-divergence angle of the collimated beam. The BD and focal length of the lens are expressed in millimeters. In comparison, the DA is expressed in milliradians, where 1 mrad is 0.057 while the MFD is expressed in micrometers. As shown in Figure 4.14, large waveguides do not collimate well. For example, suppose you attempt to collimate a 500- m-core fiber with a 5-mm-focal-length lens. In this situation the divergence angle becomes 500 m/5 mm or 100 mrad. Since 1 mrad is 0.057 , the DA becomes 5.7 , which may not be much better than what you started with prior to the collimating process. NA
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