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Part I:
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2. Address immediate problems when possible; give advice carefully. Individuals in crisis need developers to help them solve immediate and urgent problems, and learners may feel so confused and anxious that they rely on the developer s advice and guidance more than usual. This dependency is normal. However, developers must advise cautiously, because learners are the ones who must live with the choices and accept the consequences. 3. Be calm, compassionate, and clear. When people are in crisis, they are usually in great turmoil, full of emotions, and confused. In order to provide a countervailing and constructive force to the learner s intensity and anxiety, the developer needs to be inordinately calm, visibly compassionate and empathic, and clear-sighted.
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The quickest way for any new programmer to learn how to program CorelDRAW, or any VBA-enabled application, is to record a few actions using the VBA Recorder and then to examine the code. While it is recording, the VBA Recorder converts your actions into logical VBA code you might not always get the result you expected, but that in itself is a good lesson to learn and accept! Experienced programmers can also benefit from recording macros: CorelDRAW is vast, and finding the exact function or property name to do whatever it is you are trying to do can take some time. Developers often record the action they need to program, and then look at the code that the recorder creates, which tells them what they need to know. They delete the recorded macro, but might use some of that code in their own custom macro or program. In a nutshell, the VBA Recorder records what it sees you doing. However, it often interprets your actions in roundabout ways. For example, if you create a shape and then fill it, the recorder does not realize that each action occurs on the same shape; it adds extra, unnecessary code that does the job, but not as efficiently as if you were to hand-code it.
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Carter-Scott, Cherie. If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules. New York: Broadway Books, 1998. Pierce, Linda Breen. Choosing Simplicity: Real People Finding Peace and Fulfillment in a Complex World. Carmel, Calif.: Gallagher Press, 2000. Quindlen, Anna. A Short Guide to a Happy Life. New York: Random House, 2000. St. James, Elaine. Inner Simplicity: 100 Ways to Regain Peace and Nourish Your Soul. New York: Hyperion, 1995. Thorpe, Scott. How to Think like Einstein. Naperville, Ill.: Sourcebooks, Inc., 2000. Trout, Jack, with Steve Rivkin. The Power of Simplicity. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999.
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Be Trusted Advisors in the Market
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if(w < h) { v = w * h; w = 0; }
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The C# Language
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To help illustrate how SIP connections are established between a VoIP client and a VoIP gateway, as well as setting up phone connections between SIP VoIP clients, I ll use the example shown in Figure 13-1. When setting up the first connection (which can use either TCP or UDP), the client device will choose a source port number greater than 1023 that is not currently being used. The choice of protocols is based on the configuration and implementation of the VoIP solution; typically UDP is used. The destination port number is the well-known port 5060. This connection is a signaling connection and is used by the VoIP client to send signaling information, like a call setup or teardown request of audio phone connections, to the VoIP gateway device. The signaling connection is also used for VoIP clients to register their phone numbers and IP addresses basically the VoIP gateway acts as a phone
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Protection Hierarchy Acronym FS SF SD MS WTR IDLE Description A management directive that forces a span to be deactivated A signal failure that deactivates a span A signal degradation that can deactivate a span A management directive that can deactivate a scan A timer that improves stability in the presence of transient failures None of the above
Use Nested from Clauses
The middle example is short of ideal for two reasons:
CLI Basics
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