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Figure 3 - 1 Primary standards
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The Hierarchical VPLS (or H-VPLS) model addresses these problems by segmenting the VPLS service into a core of hub devices that are fully meshed, as in a standard VPLS, and a number of spoke devices that are each connected through a single hub. The hub devices are generally known as Network-facing PEs (N-PEs), and the spoke devices as User-facing PEs (U-PEs). In RFC 4762, the N-PEs are referred to as PE-rs devices, since they must be PE devices that are capable of routing and switching. The U-PEs are known as MTU-s devices since they are often located at Multi-Tenant Units and are capable of switching, but do not need to be capable of routing as they have only a single path into the network. The H-VPLS model also enables devices that are unable to learn MAC addresses to participate in VPLS as U-PEs (known, in this case, as PE-r devices, as they are capable of routing but not of switching). A PE-r has one pseudowire to its serving N-PE for each attachment circuit (since it is unable to bridge between those attachment circuits). Each pseudowire is signalled with a unique PW ID (in the FEC 128 case), to enable the N-PE to distinguish between them. The split horizon rule is now modified so that an N-PE applies split horizon only on the pseudowires to other N-PEs and not on pseudowires to U-PEs. When a U-PE sends a broadcast, multicast, or unknown frame, it sends a single copy to its serving N-PE. Unless the N-PE knows the destination MAC address, it will flood the frame on all pseudowires to other N-PEs or served U-PEs and to any local attachment circuits. When a remote N-PE receives the frame, it will flood it (unless it knows the destination MAC address) on all pesudowires to served U-PEs and on any local attachment circuits. Thus, the replication load is distributed across the ingress and egress N-PEs. One potential issue in the H-VPLS model is that if an N-PE fails, then its served U-PEs will be isolated from the rest of the network. This is addressed by the ability to configure dual-homed U-PEs that have pseudowires to two different N-PEs. Only one pseudowire is active at a time, and if it fails, the U-PE switches over to the other pseudowire. If the pseudowire has failed because the N-PE has failed, then traffic from other N-PEs will immediately start flowing to the backup N-PE (since those N-PEs will remove FIB
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EoS represents a marriage of two important technologies, one from the telephony world, and one from the enterprise data world. This section provides an overview of the key EoS technical concepts. It assumes that the reader has some familiarity with Ethernet, either through prior knowledge or from the material in the preceding chapters.
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15.0 Charging Voltage
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Figure 8-29 CR-LDP traffic parameter flags
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Conversion of Figure 6.19 (SQL:2003 Syntax) CHAR(11), VARCHAR(30), CHAR(11),
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7.5.1 Monitoring in-service QoS
TABLE 24.7 Filter Criteria.
Parameterized Constructors
The template requires two more guidelines, and although in theory you ll be finished with the Arial font in the current template, it would be nice to hang onto it for reference as a custom, user-created guide. First, to create a complete typeface, you ll need a guideline for where a descender (in g s, y s, q s) should end, and a good typeface would also contain a hyphen (-) and an em dash ( ): their positions are easy to determine based on the current font on the page. Follow these steps to finish off the template so you can get down to drawing characters for your font:
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entire receiver s sensitivity, in dBm, with a 0 dB SNR at its output system s IF bandwidth, Hz receiver s noise figure, dB receiver s antenna gain, dB
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The .NET Framework defines both byte and character stream classes. However, the character stream classes are really just wrappers that convert an underlying byte stream to a character stream, handling any conversion automatically. Thus, the character streams, while logically separate, are built upon byte streams. The core stream classes are defined within the System.IO namespace. To use these classes, you will usually include the following statement near the top of your program:
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