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Current Color/New Color The color well at the top shows you the current color of the selected object on the page. The bottom color well shows you any changes you ve made, and the two together provide a convenient way to compare color changes. Components The field at left provides a numerical breakdown of the current color, as expressed in the components of the current color model. Therefore, in Figure 19-1, you can see that the current color is an orange, and its CMYK numerical values are C: 0, M: 30, Y: 78, and K: 16. However, these values are not static; in fact when you click on the icon to the right of any value (the icon that looks like a slider), a slider does indeed pop up, and you can adjust the color you want by dragging any component value up or down. This offers a more precise adjustment of the filled object s color; you can also insert your cursor into the number field (it s a live field), double-click to select the entire value, and then type in a new value. The fields to the right of the current color model fields are a secondary, static readout that gives you the selected color s equivalent using a different color model. You set the secondary field through the Options button in this dialog. Name The Color Palette, the strip docked to the right of the drawing window, contains colors that are tagged with names such as Desert Blue and Mint Green. To quickly search for a preset color on the Color Palette, you can choose from the drop-down list, or begin typing a name in the Name field as you type more characters, the dialog narrows the search. If you have a custom palette loaded, you can t search it using the Models tab of the Uniform Fill dialog; you conduct a search using the Palettes tab. Add To Palette This button adds the current color you ve created to the Color Palette s default palette. You can then retrieve this color directly from the Color Palette at any time without visiting the Uniform Fill dialog. This is one way to save a custom color; see Using the Color Styles Docker later in this chapter for a more feature-filled way to save a custom color. Options In this drop-down, you can choose Value 2, which sets the fixed Component readout; for example, if you re working with the RGB color model and want to see a color s components expressed in CMYK values, you choose CMYK from the Value 2 flyout. The Swap Colors option switches the order of the New and Old colors displayed at the top right of this box. The Gamut Alarm feature puts a brilliant highlight color overlay in the color field to alert you when a color you re selecting can be viewed onscreen but cannot be printed to a CMYK printer with complete color fidelity. Of course, you won t see the Gamut Alarm if you re working with the CMYK color model, because all CMYK colors are CMYK-legal. Last on the Options list is Color Viewers. This flyout offers a choice of color selection interfaces for your chosen color model. This deserves a little explanation: to represent the components of color models, the various color models necessarily need to be graphically represented in their unique structure. Some color models such
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You spot this innocuous looking pink macule on the upper back of a 69-year-old man. Globules identify a melanocytic lesion. Regression, polymorphous vessels, and irregular globules diagnose a regressive melanoma. A pink scaly macule with glomerular vessels diagnoses Bowen disease. An absence of pigment network, arborizing vessels, and pigmentation diagnose a pigmented basal cell carcinoma. 5. A pink lesion seen clinically is nonspecific and the vessels seen with dermoscopy can in many instances make a specific diagnosis. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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// Another way to use lock to synchronize access to an object. using System; using System.Threading; class SumArray { int sum; public int SumIt(int[] nums) { sum = 0; // reset sum for(int i=0; i < nums.Length; i++) { sum += nums[i]; Console.WriteLine("Running total for " + Thread.CurrentThread.Name + " is " + sum); Thread.Sleep(10); // allow task-switch } return sum;
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Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
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Part III:
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Part I:
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Publishing Web Documents
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Two Ways to Write mul( ) General
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EIGRP supports multicast and incremental updates. Hello packets are generated every 5 seconds on LAN
2.6.6 Restoring Historic Masonry Arch Bridges
Tools > Macro >Visual Basic Editor or Alt F11
SUM The SUM function allows you to add across ranges and still have the ability to add and subtract individual cells. You can also nest other SUMs and the results of other functions: = SUM A10,A11,254,10 = SUM A1: A50 = SUM A1: A50,B10,-C10,-SUM D1:D10 ,MAX D11,0 SUM is also more forgiving and will allow you to add numbers to text (which is regarded as 0). If you have two cells, where C10 has a number and C11 has a text (let s assume this is an n/a text that appears because another cell is 0), = SUM C10: C11
Once you create your group of ACL statements, you must activate them. For filtering traffic between interfaces, the ACL is activated in Interface Subconfiguration mode. This can be a physical interface, such as ethernet0 or serial0, or a logical interface, such as ethernet0.1 or serial0.1. When activating an ACL on an interface, you must specify in which direction the traffic should be filtered:
Many cameras ship with proprietary software that doesn t give you a lot of power when it comes to editing images. The image-editing applications that will be discussed later in this book can be purchased from retail outlets and online.
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material used. In extreme-pressure lubrication, the failure temperature is the temperature at which the boundary lm melts. Many extreme-pressure lubricants contain more than one chemical for protection over a wide temperature range. Phosphorus compounds are superior to chlorine and sulfur at slow speeds, while sulfur is superior at high speeds. Some metals such as zinc and copper have to be removed from their systems when using certain extreme-pressure additives. Some of the extreme-pressure additives commonly used are those containing one or more compounds of chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur, or lead soaps. Some lubricants are made with chlorine-containing molecules where the C13 C linkage is used. For example, tri(trichlorethyl) phosphate additive has shown high load-carrying capacity. Other chlorine-containing additives are chlorinated paraf n or petroleum waxes and hexachlorethene. The phosphorus-containing compounds are perhaps the most commonly used additives for cam oils with other active elements. The sulfur-containing extreme-pressure additives are believed to form iron sul de lms that prevent wear for high loads and speeds. Lead soaps have been used in lubricants for many years. They inhibit the wiping and sliding action in cams and help prevent corrosion of steel in the presence of water. Other additive compounds contain combinations of these elements and most extremepressure lubricants contain more than one extreme-pressure additive. The selection of a proper extreme-pressure additive is a complicated process. Factors such as solubility, volatility, stability, compatibility, load-carrying capacity, and cost must be considered. Many gear oil companies depend on the use of proprietary or packaged extremepressure additives. As a result, the lubricant manufacturer does not evaluate the additives effectiveness. Because of this, any selection of extreme-pressure additives should be supported by an evaluation program to determine their effectiveness for a given application. However, a few rms have considerable background in their manufacture and use of extreme-pressure additives for cam lubrication, and their recommendations are usually accepted without question by users of gear oils.
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