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and notice that the shadow edges become blurry; you ve gone from a sunny day shadow to an overcast day shadow.
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Kristin L. Atkins, MD
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of packet broadcasting over WAN/MAN domains, which is very difficult to achieve at the optical layer. Perhaps the only means of implementing EPLAN at the optical layer (e.g., via EoF or EoWDM) is to establish direct connectivity between all source-destination pairs (e.g., dark fiber or WDM lightpath mesh). In the EoF case, this approach is too exorbitant and will quickly lead to fiber-exhaust. Similarly, in the EoWDM case, it will lead to wavelength exhaust (unscalable). For example, an EPLAN service between 8 sites requires 56 lightpaths, which can easily lead to lightpath blocking even with 16 or 32 channel DWDM networks. In summary, EPLAN services will mandate full Layer 2 switching functionality at the service endpoints. Although some OADM thin-mux blades may offer switching support, these units cannot generally match the features and price-points of best-ofbreed Ethernet systems, forcing a difficult compromise. Carriers may also find it costly and time consuming to integrate these specialized subsystems into their embedded OSS systems. As a result, the most feasible alternative will be to furnish EPLAN at the Ethernet/MPLS switching layers and interconnect these devices using underlying point-to-point EoF or EoWDM EPL services.
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W2K3 Application Launch Results 140 120 100 Score 80 60 40 20 0 5 10 15 20 25 Number of Users Citrix Presentation Server Baseline Citrix Password Manager AD Sync Citrix Password Manager File Share Sync
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Figure 15-5. Reset/Unlock process
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d. Label the freezing point of pure naphthalene from Part A, TA. Label the freezing point
// Use ref to pass a value type by reference. using System; class RefTest { // This method changes its argument. Notice the use of ref. public void Sqr(ref int i) { i = i * i; } } class RefDemo { static void Main() { RefTest ob = new RefTest(); int a = 10; Console.WriteLine("a before call: " + a); ob.Sqr(ref a); // notice the use of ref Console.WriteLine("a after call: " + a); } }
MTP3. The proving duration is typically 10 seconds, but it can be as little as 400 milliseconds in the case of emergency proving. Once the proving period has ended, M2PA sends Link Status Ready messages to its peer at regular intervals. Upon receipt of a Link Status Ready message in return, or a User Data message, the link is considered to be in service and M2PA sends an In Service message to its peer. The link is now ready for traffic. In addition to the Link Alignment messages just described, other messages are used to convey fault conditions. The Processor Outage message indicates a failure at a layer above M2PA (such as MTP3) and the Processor Outage Ended message indicates that the failure condition has ceased. The Busy message conveys an indication of receiver congestion to the far end, so that the far end can stop sending messages. The Busy Ended message indicates that the congestion condition has ceased and enables user traffic to flow again.
Table 27-4: The individual bytes of the line overhead Byte M0-M1 Description STS-1 REI-L (M0) byte is defined for STS-1 in an OC-1 or for the STS-1 electrical signal. Bits 5 8 report on the Line Remote Error Indication function (REI-L, which used to be called the FEBE). STS-n REI-L (M1) byte is located in the third STS-1 (in order of appearance in the byte interleaved STS-n electrical or optical signal) in an STS-n (where n 3) and is used for the REI-L function. Z2 Growth (Z2) byte: This byte is located in the 1st and 2nd STS-1s of an STS-3, and the 1st, 2nd and 4th through nth STS-1s of an STS-n (where 12 n 48). These bytes are reserved for future growth. Orderwire byte: This orderwire byte provides a 64-Kbps channel between line equipment for an express orderwire. It is a voice channel used by technicians, and is ignored as it passes through the repeaters.
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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
FIGURE 6-4 Tables and joins are core elements in a universe that only universe designers see.
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