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Contents of nums: 5 2 3 4 1 Contents of nums negated: -5 -2 -3 -4 -1
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So the current is described by the differential equation V0 cos t = v c + RC dv c dt
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E l e c t r i c Ve h i c l e H i s t o r y
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3. A. EIGRP generates hellos every 5 seconds. B, C, and D are incorrect hello periods. 4. A. A successor route is the best path to reach a destination within the topology table. B is incorrect because a feasible successor is a valid backup route. C, advertised distance, refers to a neighbor s distance to a route. D, feasible distance, refers to a router s distance to a route. 5. D. A multicast query message is sent to neighbors to determine whether a nonfeasible successor route to a destination is valid. A is incorrect because this is the state the route is in, not the message sent. B is incorrect because EIGRP uses multicasts, not broadcasts. C is incorrect because a reply message is in response to a query.
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Cathy provides an authenticator A data item that cannot be provided by anyone else The server contains a verifier A data item that can verify the correctness of the authenticator
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Protocol Analysis 556 Basic Telecommunications Technologies
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Unknown B Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Average
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All data that is input into a system must be authorized by management. The method of authorization or approval takes many forms: User access controls Only approved personnel, such as system operators, input clerks, business analysts, and customer service representatives are permitted to log in and use applications. Workstation identification Only approved terminals and workstations are permitted to be used to input transactions. Identification can take many forms, including electronic serial number, network address, or digital certificate.
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m a cos( nT ) + bn sin( nT ) X = F22 n . F22 - n 2 n=0
The minimum value is 1 The maximum value is 5 The first value is 3 The last value is 4 The sum is 15 The average is 3 All values are greater than zero. At least one value is even. The array contains 3.
The Basic Query Methods
2. Convert the ERD shown in Figure 6.CP2 into tables. List the conversion rules used and the re sulting changes to the tables.
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Figure 2.2 shows the phases of the traditional systems development life cycle. The particu lar phases of the life cycle are not standard. Different authors and organizations have pro posed from 3 to 20 phases. The traditional life cycle is often known as the waterfall model or methodology because the result of each phase flows to the next phase. The traditional life cycle is mostly a reference framework. For most systems, the boundary between phases is blurred and there is considerable backtracking between phases. But the traditional life cycle is still useful because it describes the kind of activities and shows addition of detail until an operational system emerges. The following items describe the activities in each phase: Preliminary Investigation Phase: Produces a problem statement and feasibility study. The problem statement includes the objectives, constraints, and scope of the system. The feasibility study identifies the costs and benefits of the system. If the system is fea sible, approval is given to begin systems analysis. Systems Analysis Phase: Produces requirements describing processes, data, and envi ronment interactions. Diagramming techniques are used to document processes, data, and environment interactions. To produce the requirements, the current system is stud ied and users of the proposed system are interviewed. Systems Design Phase: Produces a plan to efficiently implement the requirements. Design specifications are created for processes, data, and environment interaction. The design specifications focus on choices to optimize resources given constraints. Systems Implementation Phase: Produces executable code, databases, and user docu mentation. To implement the system, the design specifications are coded and tested.
Telco system
As discussed in 4, a face is an example of a biometric, and photography can capture faces unobtrusively, or at least without great inconvenience. Photographs of people s faces are, however, somewhat limited as biometric identifiers because faces are not robust and not highly distinctive. In other words, they change over time (and sometimes unexpectedly) and are not unique. Many people look like each other (at least at the level of detail that characterize drivers licenses). How pictures are taken can influence what people look like because environmental factors come into play lighting, shading, pose, movement, and more. The science of categorizing faces according to objective criteria (such as are entailed in facial recognition) is still developing. But, a face is still robust and distinctive enough to make a facial image a useful must because, at a minimum, it permits checkpoint authorities to visually verify that the person is holding the identity card he is supposed to hold).
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