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Part II:
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Scalability One fundamental difference between a LAN and a Service Provider network8 is scale. In a Service Provider network, there are usually a hundredfold more end users and as a consequence, exponentially more connections for Ethernet-based
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Mass of flask and oxalic acid (g) Mass of empty flask (g) Mass of oxalic acid (g) Moles of oxalic acid (mol) Final volume of NaOH (mL) Initial volume of NaOH (mL) Volume of NaOH used (mL) Moles of NaOH (mol)
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Multiplier of Measure 1 Commission Earnings 130% 120% 110% 100% 95% 80% 75% 50%
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#include <iostream> using namespace std; template <class type1, class type2> void myfunc(type1 x, type2 y) { cout << x << ' ' << y << endl; } int main() { myfunc(10, "hi"); myfunc(0.23, 10L); return 0; }
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documents, and so forth. In addition to the data sources and destinations, there are many controls for data transformations. These include such items as conditional splits, fuzzy lookups, merging, sorting, handling slowly changing dimensions, and so forth. A simple example of an SSIS package for a warehouse refresh might be one in which the first part of the flow executes SQL tasks to empty the star schema tables. After this step, data flow tasks are called. One task might grab data from a particular dimension table and load that data. Another data flow might pull data from multiple sources, convert some columns to a standard format, and place that data in a dimension table. Another data flow task might handle a slowly changing product dimension. Finally, a data flow task might load the fact table, looking for any records with key violations. Any bad records might be placed in a temporary table and the control flow could email the data warehouse administrator that some records failed to load properly. An example of a simple flow can be seen in Figure 3-5.
boolean IsLogical(any_datatype input_parameter)
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