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When you implement an ad hoc query tool, you may reduce report development costs, but you do nothing to improve query response time or provide meaningful context to the data. In fact, you run a high risk that you will make response time significantly worse for both the end user queries and transaction system inputs. The simple answer is to build a data warehouse or a data mart. After all, the fundamental difference between these two platforms is their sole purpose in life: automating a process versus providing business insight (see Table 1-1 in 1). Yet many companies still elect to implement BusinessObjects XI directly against the OLTP (or a copy of it) for several reasons: Timing A data warehouse may be a long-term goal, but under budget constraints, companies need to achieve immediate benefits. They don t have the time or resources to develop an enterprise information strategy. If you recently implemented a new OLTP, then you need reports right now, immediately, not six months from now. This kind of approach also gives you a relatively quick way of communicating the value of deploying a business intelligence solution. Lack of sponsorship A successful data warehouse project requires strong business sponsorship and agreement across departments and functions. In contrast, OLTPbased reporting is often deemed an IT responsibility, since IT programs the reports. IT can implement and control reporting in this environment, without having to gain the buy-in necessary for a data warehouse; the politics of a data warehouse project are deferred. Cost and complexity Data warehouse implementations range in price from $50,000 to millions of dollars. Poorly managed projects can take years to achieve
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An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks 299
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Client Printer Security
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Other Features:
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Part II:
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Set up locations. We use the term location to denote building use type. For example, a mixed-use building might have garage, retail, and residential locations. Create content plan. The content plan contains information defining project-specific library objects and their supplemental data in the cost database. Create project database (DB). The project DB is partial copy of the corporate standard DB, initially created during project setup. Subsequently data are copied to the project DB from the standard DB as required by objects placed in the model.
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LAB 13.1
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Options dialog. Your Rulers are now calibrated.
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
Low gain broad band
layer is appended to the original message in a process called encapsulation. This information is added as headers at layers 7 through 2, and as a trailer at layer 2 (see Figure 1.2). When the encapsulated transmission reaches its destination, it is passed up through the layers in a reverse of the sending process. Each layer removes and processes the overhead bits (header and/or trailer) intended for it before passing the data parcel up to the next layer. This activity requires the precise exercise of a number of parameters and procedures, providing multiple opportunities for processing error.
The procedure assumes the schema in the forest has been upgraded with the CtxSchemaPrep.exe utility from Citrix. This utility is available on the Password Manager CD in the Tools directory or from the Autorun in the Prerequisites, Create Your Central Store Active Directory. Using Autorun to create the central store will need to be executed with an account that is part of the Schema Admin Group. NOTE For more information about Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) roles in Active Directory and how to determine which Domain Controller in the Active Directory Forest is the owner of the Schema Master role, please refer to the Microsoft knowledgebase article 324801, How to View and Transfer FSMO Roles in Windows Server 2003, scid=kb;en-us;324801.
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access modes, IOS CLI logging out of devices, 312 overview of, 310 1 Gbps Ethernet standards, 91 Privilege EXEC mode, 311 100Mb Ethernet standards, 91 User EXEC mode, 310 311 10Mb Ethernet standards, access modes, WLANs, 142 143 89 90 2.4 GHZ, WLAN RF bands, 133 access points (APs) accessing WLANs, 136 2600 series, Cisco routers configuring, 145 146 manipulating configuration ACKs (acknowledgements) files for, 560 561 EIGRP routing, 713 714 static route configuration in end-to-end delivery, 292 exercise, 637 639 reliable connections 2950 series, Cisco switches and, 35 CAM table exercise, TCP and, 272 273 374 375 three-way handshake and, configuring, 370 371 271 272 trunk configuration, windowing and, 38 41 418 419 ACLs (access control lists) 2960 series, Cisco switches AutoSecure feature and, chassis of, 359 526, 531 LEDs (light-emitting configuring for SDM, 609 diodes), 360 361 mitigation of access MODE button, 360 attacks, 17 models, 358 placement of, 772 overview of, 358 359 ACLs (access control lists), for IP, router interface 739 782 configuration, 532 533 activating, 749 750 trunk configuration, changes to, 770 771 416 418 configuration guidelines, VLAN capabilities, 420 744 745 VTP configuration, creating, 745 746 412 414 extended numbered ACLs. 5 GHz, WLAN RF bands, 133 See extended numbered 800 series, Cisco routers, 603 605 ACLs 802.11 standards, WLANs, implicit deny, 744 134 135 inside the exam, 775 802.1d, STP standard, 438 list verification, 768 769 802.1Q, trunking standard, named ACLs, 765 767 396 397, 401 403 overview of, 740 741 802.1w, convergence features, 456 processing, 742 900 MHz, WLAN RF bands, 133 remarks, 767 self test, 779 781 standard numbered ACLs. See standard numbered ACLs AAA (authentication statement ordering, 743 authorization, and summary, 776 accounting), 531 two-minute drill, 777 778 absorption, signal distortion types of, 741 742 and, 132 wildcard masks for access attacks, 17 matching address ranges, access-link connections, 746 749 VLANs, 396
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