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Security Basics
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ENERGY AND LIGHT If we again think back to days spent in a physics class, we might remember using the term electronvolt (eV) to describe visible light when we characterized light as a stream of photons. As a refresher, the electronvolt represents the energy gained by an electron that passes across a positive voltage of one volt (V). Thus, an electron moving from a negative metal plate to a positive metal plate when current flows in a common 1.5-V C battery would result in 1.5 eV of energy. Returning to the use of electronvolts, visible light in the form of photons has an energy range of 1.8 to 3.1 eV these electronvolts are visible as ; that energy range triggers the photo receptors in a human eye. We can also note visual perception in terms of wavelength. Thus, the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen by the naked human eye (macroscopically) ranges from approximately 4.3 1014 Hz for red to 7.5 1014 Hz for violet. Lower energies that have longer wavelengths are invisible to the naked human eye but can be detected by special sensors or even by the human ear. For example, infrared, television, and radio waves can be detected by equipment, while sound frequencies of up to 20 kHz can be detected by the human ear. Electromagnetic waves with energies above 3.1 eV and shorter wavelengths are also undetected by the unaided human eye; however they can be detected by different types of equipment. For example, , X rays can be detected by lead plates or photographic film.
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Given that VoIP networks need to interwork with the PSTN, it is clear that VoIP networks need to speak SS7 (at least to the outside world). Not only should VoIP networks support the messages of SS7, however, but they must also support the performance requirements specified for SS7. For example, for MTP, Bellcore3 specification GR-246-Core states that a given route set should not be out of service for more than 10 minutes per year. Other requirements are that no more than 1 10-7 messages should be lost, and no more than 1 10-10 messages should be delivered out of sequence. In ISUP, numerous timing requirements must be met. For example, a 2-second timer is initiated when a continuity check request is sent, requiring that a continuity check tone be returned within that time. Imagine a VoIP network that operates as a long-distance network, as depicted in Figure 7-11. This network receives an IAM from a network at one side of the country, processes the information, and determines that the call should be sent to a network at the other side of the country. The VoIP network sends an IAM to the destination network, which responds with an ACM. The VoIP network must process the ACM and send it to the originating network. This is exactly the same process as is performed by a traditional long-distance network. If we think about the amount of internal signaling that goes on in an H.323 network or even in a softswitch network, however, we realize that a lot of work is done between the passing of external SS7 messages. Furthermore, if we think about the postdial delay of today s telephone networks (a data matrix generator
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People do not have particularly good instincts when it comes to the protection of information systems and information-related assets. But people are generally teachable, and they can be trained in the methods used to safeguard the organization s information and systems. A formal security awareness program should include activities that will help employees better understand how information protection measures work and how they should be used. Most employees will agree that organization assets are valuable and should be protected they just need to know how it is done. The designers of a comprehensive security awareness program need to understand that people have a variety of learning styles, which means that reliance on a single method for disseminating security information is not going to work for everyone. Some of the elements of a security awareness program include: Signed acknowledgment of security policy In order to drive home the point of the seriousness of the company s security policy, all employees should be required to sign a statement that says they have read, understood, and will conform to the entire security policy. This should be done at the time of hire, but increasingly, organizations are requiring employees to sign this once each year. Security awareness training upon hire Each new employee should receive a dose of formal training at the time of hire. This training should serve as an orientation to the organization s security policy and programs of asset protection. This will help the employee to know his or her responsibilities, where to find the policy and additional information, how they are expected to participate in asset protection, and the consequences for failing to do so.
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he last chapter focused on the features of the Cisco ASA security appliances and the various ASA models in the Cisco product lineup. Starting with this chapter and continuing through the remainder of this book, I will focus on how to configure your security appliance to meet the requirements outlined in your security policy. This chapter will focus on the following two items: Accessing the appliance Becoming familiar with the command-line interface (CLI) of the appliance
The sample variable holds a reference to the memory allocated by new. This memory is large enough to hold ten elements of type int. As is the case when creating an instance of a class, it is possible to break the preceding declaration in two. For example:
Microsoft has said that printing is the number-one customer support issue across the board, and with any new infrastructure, it is certain to be one of the hottest issues. Does printing take place through locally attached printers or only on the network What network protocols are used What are the types and number of printers What print drivers are required Are print servers used in remote offices today
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This program creates three similar but different functions called sqr_it( ), each of which returns the square of its argument. As the program illustrates, the compiler knows which function to use in each case because of the type of the argument. The value of overloaded functions is that they allow related sets of functions to be accessed using a common name. In a sense, function overloading lets you create a generic name for an operation; the compiler resolves which function is actually needed to perform the operation. Function overloading is important because it can help manage complexity. To understand how, consider this example. C++ Builder contains the functions itoa( ), ltoa( ), and ultoa( ) in its standard library. Collectively, these functions convert different types of numbers (integers, long integers, and unsigned integers) into their string equivalents. Even though these functions perform almost identical actions, in C three different names must be used to represent these tasks, which makes the situation more complex than it actually is. Even though the underlying concept of each function is the same, the programmer has three things to remember. However, in C++ it is possible to use the same name, such as numtoa( ), for all three functions. Thus, the name numtoa( ) represents the general action that is being performed. It is left to the compiler to choose the specific version for a particular circumstance; the programmer need only remember the general action being performed. Therefore, by applying polymorphism, three things to remember are reduced to one. If you expand the concept, you can see how polymorphism can help you manage very complex programs. A more practical example of function overloading is illustrated by the following program. There are no library functions that prompt the user for input and then wait for a response, but it is possible to create one. This program creates three functions called prompt( ) that perform this task for data of types int, double, and long:
17.02.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of restoring the configuration file on a router. There is one main difference between moving the configuration from TFTP to NVRAM and moving it from TFTP to RAM. With the former method, the file in NVRAM is replaced with the one being copied; with the latter method, a merge process is used. During a merge process, the IOS updates commands that are common to both places the new file and in RAM. The IOS also executes any new commands it finds in the uploaded configuration file and adds them to the runningconfig. However, the IOS does not delete any commands in RAM that it does not find in the uploaded configuration file. In other words, this is not a replacement process. As an example, assume that you have a configuration file on a TFTP server that has IPX and IP information in it, but your RAM configuration has IP and AppleTalk. In this example, the router updates the IP configuration, adds the IPX commands, but leaves the AppleTalk commands as they are.
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The foregoing description looks at resource reservation on an end-to-end basis. On the other hand, network resources might have already been reserved on an aggregate basis. In such a case, each end simply needs to verify with a local policing function that it is allowed access to available resources. The approach is to use status types that are segmented (local and remote) as opposed to end to end, which means that each participant deals with network access permission at its own end. The signaling flow for such a scenario would be as shown in Figure 5-23. In Figure 5-23, User A requests access to network resources in advance of sending the INVITE. Assuming that access permission has been granted, then the INVITE message body indicates that local send and receive
Generic Structures
Client Database Database (c) Multiple servers and databases on different computers Client Client
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