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The program produces the following output:
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Cisco recommends against using IP unnumbered for the tunnel endpoints, since this can make it more difficult for you to troubleshoot problems when tunneling doesn t work.
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Here s how you look for job openings in the game industry, in order from most to least effective. Network, network, network! I can t make this point often enough: the majority of jobs in the game industry are obtained through personal contacts, not through mailing r sum s in blindly. Get to know as many people as you can by the means that I suggested in the Networking section earlier in this chapter. Talk to people you know at different companies. Ask them if they re hiring or if they have any projects that will be staffing up soon. If they don t know about anything, ask them if they know anyone else who does. Don t make a nuisance of yourself, pestering one person repeatedly; gather more leads, and move on to them, and so on. Read the industry news. Is a game company opening a new studio somewhere They ll probably be hiring at that location. Has a publisher just signed a major license They ll need people to build that product. Did a famous designer leave his employer to set up a company of his own He ll probably have brought several senior people with him, but he may need junior ones. Did a publisher just hire a major name from Hollywood to run some part of their business That person may be building his own empire. Check company web sites. Frequently. Most companies have a jobs or careers page on their web site. If there s a company that you re interested in working for, check its web site often. You ll want to be able to respond promptly when an opportunity comes up. Read job ads in developer magazines and web sites. A job announcement in a magazine like Develop or a web site like Gamasutra is tightly targeted to the developer community; you can be pretty confident they re serious.
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Strings and Formatting
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Concrete Repair Guide, (546R-96), American Concrete Institute, Committee 546, 1996, Farmington Hills, MI. Emmons, P. H., Concrete Repair and Maintenance Illustrated, R. S. Means Co., Inc., 1994, Kingston, Massachusetts. Guide for Evaluation of Concrete Structures Prior to Rehabilitation, (364.1R-94), American Concrete Institute, Committee 364, 1994, Farmington Hills, MI. Guide for Repair of Concrete Bridge Structures, (546.1R-80 [Reapproved 1988]), American Concrete Institute, Committee 546, 1988, Farmington Hills, MI. Guide for Verifying Performance of Epoxy Injection of Concrete Cracks, 1998, ICRI Technical Guideline No. 03734. Murray, M. A., 1987, Epoxy Injection Welds Cracks Back Together, Concrete Repair, V. 3. Promboon, Y., L. D. Olsen and J. Lund, Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Methods for Quality Assurance, ICRI Bulletin, V 15, No. 1, January/Febrary 2002, pp. 12 16. . Standard Speci cation for Epoxy-Resin Based Bonding Systems for Concrete, ASTM C 881-90, 1990, American Society for Testing and Materials, West Conshohocken, PA. State-of-the-Art Adhesives for Concrete Construction, Construction Canada, May/June 1998. Trout, J. F., Epoxy Injection in Construction, 1998, The Aberdeen Group. Use of Epoxy Compounds with Concrete, (ACI 503R-93 [Reapproved 1998]), American Concrete Institute, Committee 503, 1998, Farmington Hills, MI.
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his chapter will introduce you to the transparent firewall feature of the security appliances, which allows the appliances to behave similarly to layer 2 switches with firewall capabilities. The topics include Processing of layer 2 traffic versus layer 3 traffic Configuring transparent mode on the appliances Implementing advanced layer 2 features on the appliances
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Answers to Quizzes and Final Exam
Once you have turned all the necessary materials over to the replication facility, you are generally nished with your role in the process. At this point, you just need to sit back and wait for the manufacturing process to be completed, which can take anywhere from a few days to three or four weeks. If you have included artwork for printing, many replication facilities will offer a proof copy for your approval to ensure the design will print as intended. While this will approximate the nal appearance of the completed disc, replicators will be quick to tell you that there are differences that will be apparent on the manufactured version, because of different materials and processes used. As long as you understand the nature of these differences and how they will affect the nal results, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. Have the replication service explain the printing issues to you in detail before proceeding with the job.
A maximum network limit at any PDH hierarchical interface that should not be exceeded A method of specifying the performance of individual equipments Guidelines for the study of jitter accumulation in digital networks
Cellular Measurement Descriptions 432 Cellular Networks
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
What Is the .NET Framework
I have already covered the help and commands to pull up help at each access level. In addition to seeing a list of commands available to you at each access level, you can also access help for a specific command. Cisco refers to this help as context-sensitive help. The contextsensitive help available to you was radically changed from version 6 of the OS to version 7. In version 6 and earlier, the CLI help of the PIX was not as feature-rich as that of IOS-based devices. Starting in version 7, the CLI help mimics what is found on IOS devices. You can pull up help for a command by typing in the command and following it by a space and a , like this:
Method public static double Floor(double v)
Figure 7-1 Example hydrocarbons. (a) Hexane. (b) 2-Octene. Shown using a structural formula (left) and skeletal formula (right). Notice there is one double bond between the first and second carbon. (c) Benzene, also shown using structural and skeletal formulas. The third diagram on the right shows the skeletal formula with a circle in the middle. This is a special way of indicating aromatic rings in skeletal formulas so as to indicate that the bonding electrons are delocalized (see Chap. 6).
As the program illustrates, when a ThreeD object is used in an integer expression, such as i = a, the conversion is applied to the object. In this specific case, the conversion returns the value 6, which is the product of coordinates stored in a. However, when an expression does not require a conversion to int, the conversion operator is not called. This is why c = a + b does not invoke operator int( ). Remember that you can create different conversion operators to meet different needs. You could define a second conversion operator that converts ThreeD to double, for example. Each conversion is applied automatically and independently. An implicit conversion operator is applied automatically when a conversion is required in an expression, when passing an object to a method, in an assignment, and also when an explicit cast to the target type is used. Alternatively, you can create an explicit conversion operator, which is invoked only when an explicit cast is used. An explicit conversion operator is not invoked automatically. For example, here is the previous program reworked to use an explicit conversion to int:
Another unique aspect to Crystal Enterprise s architecture was its optimized processes and plug-and-play components. Many of these same processes in Crystal Enterprise 10 continue to exist in BusinessObjects XI. However, there are additional processes dedicated to the treatment of Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence tasks. Although each of these processes is called a server, this is conceptual only. They are not separate physical machines. Instead, they are processes potentially all running on one server or with multiple instances distributed across several machines. Figure 5-1 provides a conceptual overview of the key components in a BusinessObjects Enterprise deployment. Your deployment will vary depending on which interfaces you have purchased, if you have licensed a premium or professional addition, or if your implementation includes Dashboard Manager and Performance Management. The following services are shared across the suite. Even if you deploy only one interface, for example just Desktop Intelligence, your environment will use these services: The Central Management Server is the key component within XI, handling security and the routing of requests to other services. If the CMS is not running, then users will not be able to log in to BusinessObjects. If, however, the CMS is running but other servers are not, then users may in fact be able to log in to InfoView but will receive an error when they try to open or refresh a document. Which error appears and when depends very much on the task the user performs and which server is unavailable. The Input File Repository Server handles the process of writing the results of Report Servers to the repository. When users access a shared report in real time, the Input File Repository Server processes the request. The Output File Repository Server handles the process of serving requests for users accessing the results of a scheduled report, called an instance. When users schedule a report, a Job Server will send the results of the report to the Output File Repository Server, which stores the report in a compressed format. The Connection Server provides connectivity to the data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Teradata. For each end-user interface you deploy, you will have the following types of additional services. These services are optimized to process certain document types, depending upon whether they have been executed in real time or scheduled. A Job Server processes reports that have been scheduled to run. It will retrieve the definitions of the report from the Input File Repository Server, connect to a data source, execute the query, format the results, and save an instance of the report to the Output File Repository Server. Job Servers replace the functionality previously provided by the Broadcast Agent Scheduler. There is a Web Intelligence Job Server, a Desktop Intelligence Job Server, and Crystal Reports Job Server. There is also a List of Values Job Server for Crystal Reports lists of values, not for lists of values defined in universes. Report Servers process reports that are executed on demand or built ad hoc. There is a Web Intelligence Report Server, a Desktop Intelligence Report Server, and a Crystal Reports Report Server.
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