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VLAN Connections
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An attribute is supported by a class that inherits System.Attribute. Thus, all attribute classes must be subclasses of Attribute. Although Attribute defines substantial functionality, this functionality is not always needed when working with attributes. By convention, attribute classes often use the suffix Attribute. For example, ErrorAttribute would be a name for an attribute class that described an error.
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Collections Overview
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Laboratory Manual
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If you intend to output to PostScript, it might not be a good idea to combine paths that overlap each other. Again, it s one of the limitations of the PostScript page description language in human terms, a PostScript printer or image-setting device gets confused when a single closed path intersects itself; the device doesn t know which areas to fill and which to leave empty. If you have a design need for a shape that looks like it self-intersects and you have to have proper PostScript output, don t fret. You can use the Shaping docker (or the buttons on the Property Bar when multiple shapes are selected, using the Pick Tool) to create the illusion of a selfintersecting shape.
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The Infinite Loop
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12.5.3 PVC vs. SVC tests
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// Demonstrate escape sequences in strings. using System; class StrDemo { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Line One\nLine Two\nLine Three"); Console.WriteLine("One\tTwo\tThree"); Console.WriteLine("Four\tFive\tSix"); // Embed quotes. Console.WriteLine("\"Why \", he asked."); } }
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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NOTE Designer will detect contexts only when the cardinalities have been set. You can set them
FIGURE 1.24.
Exits program. Clears all fields and gets ready for a new data record. Cuts text. Copies text to the clipboard. Pastes text from the clipboard into the fields. Every application should show its name and version. In a real application, this function should add the record into a database, but for this example, it will just display the information entered into a message box. Empties the data fields.
The Devantech SRF04 Ultrasonic Range Finder (shown in Figure 11-1) is a 40-kHz ultrasonic range finder that can be used to determine the range of objects from 1.2 inches to about 10 feet (or 3 cm to 3 meters).
Electric Motors
Layer 7 - Application Layer 6 - Presentation Layer 5 - Session Layer 4 - Transport Layer 3 - Network Layer 2 - Data Link Layer 1 - Physical
FIGURE 16.1.
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