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Unions are used frequently when type conversions are needed because you can refer to the data held in the union in fundamentally different ways. For example, using a union you can easily create a function that writes the binary representation of an integer to a file, one byte at a time. For C++ Builder, which uses 32-bit integers, this means writing the four bytes that form the integer. Although there are many ways to
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1.6.4 Physical Parameters for Reconstruction
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The output generated by this program is shown here:
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Address Translation
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Managing passwords can be problematic. Users tend to forget multiple passwords, select easily guessed words for passwords, or store passwords in insecure places. These problems affect employee productivity, increase support costs, and even threaten system security. Citrix Password Manager provides password security and Single Sign On access to Windows-, web-, proprietary-, and host-based applications running in the Citrix environment. Citrix Password Manager drives down the costs and confusion in managing multiple passwords, while improving network security. Users authenticate once and Citrix Password Manager does the rest, monitoring all password-related events and automating end-user tasks, including logon and password changes. Citrix Password Manager simplifies computing for the end user, who has just one secure password to log on everywhere. This, in turn, helps to reduce the cost of supporting password problems and frees IT staff for more strategic projects. NOTE One large financial institution we worked with used to have 20.4% of its help desk calls related to password issues (this is about 5 percentage points below the average). After mandating that users implement complex passwords, the ratio of help-desk related password calls fell by half. Why Two reasons. Some users simply gave up trying to access certain applications. The primary reason, though, was virtually everyone compromised authentication security by keeping a list of their passwords (usually in their upper-right desk drawer or on a sticky note attached to their monitors). Implementing Citrix Password Manager enabled them to virtually eliminate password-related helpdesk requests, while significantly improving security. Citrix Password Manager is comprised of three components: Citrix Password Manager agent A 32-bit agent that runs on Citrix Presentation Servers or on a local client workstation. The agent acts as an intermediary between users and the applications that require authentication. Citrix Password Manager Console A centralized management tool to configure the central credential store and control the settings and features available to the agent. Central Credential Store The central location where copies of users credential records and agent settings files are stored. The central credential store is implemented using a shared folder (file synchronization) or Microsoft Active Directory. The agent synchronizes its local store with the central store, enabling users to access and maintain their credentials from any workstation.
Part I:
Functions-Specific Fields
11: Review Questions and Answers
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Table 1-5
public double Height { get { return pri_height; } set { pri_height = value < 0 -value : value; } } public void ShowDim() { Console.WriteLine("Width and height are " + Width + " and " + Height); } } // A derived class of TwoDShape for triangles. class Triangle : TwoDShape { string Style; /* A default constructor. This automatically invokes the default constructor of TwoDShape. */ public Triangle() { Style = "null"; } // Constructor that takes three arguments. public Triangle(string s, double w, double h) : base(w, h) { Style = s; } // Construct an isosceles triangle. public Triangle(double x) : base(x) { Style = "isosceles"; } // Return area of triangle. public double Area() { return Width * Height / 2; } // Display a triangle's style. public void ShowStyle() { Console.WriteLine("Triangle is " + Style); } } class Shapes5 { static void Main() { Triangle t1 = new Triangle(); Triangle t2 = new Triangle("right", 8.0, 12.0); Triangle t3 = new Triangle(4.0); t1 = t2; Console.WriteLine("Info for t1: "); t1.ShowStyle(); t1.ShowDim(); Console.WriteLine("Area is " + t1.Area());
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