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Figure 10-9 The query for the sales report now has a filter added to it, and the filter is marked to be used as a parameter.
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The net PPE number is a tricky one to forecast, and the forecast numbers are determined by two main flows: capital expenditures (which add to the gross PPE number) and depreciation (which flows into accumulated depreciation and reduces the gross PPE number). The production base to support sales is a function of many things, including the product being produced, the technology in place, and the scale of production. These and other factors represent a habit of the production systems in the company. The net result is a net PPE number that should have some discernible and steady relationship to sales. Thus, a good way to forecast net PPE is first to determine the net PPE to sales ratio and then to use that as the basis of forecasting net PPE. If we have a depreciation schedule, then, in fact, the capital expenditures number becomes the plug number in the calculation of net PPE. Some pointers:
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Most nevi that change over time are not high risk. All nevi that change do not need to be removed. Beware! There are melanomas that do not appear to be high risk clinically or with dermoscopy. They are only diagnosed after monitoring and finding dermoscopic changes over time when comparing baseline with subsequent digital images. Consider adding digital dermoscopy to your practice.
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In some cases, it may not make sense for a parameter to allow multiple selections. Developers are able to control the type of list that is used for a report by clicking on the Data or Layout tab and then selecting Report Parameters from the Report menu. The Report Parameters dialog box that appears contains many options for controlling how parameters are used and displayed on a report. For example, parameters have a name and a data type, though while these options are important, they are invisible to end users. The Prompt property, however, controls the text the user will see on the report next to the drop-down list. Therefore, this prompt could be changed from Category to Product Category, for example, to help make it more clear. Beneath the Prompt textbox are a number of check boxes, and one that is checked by default when building a parameter in Reporting Services against a cube source is the Multivalue check box. Unchecking this particular box changes the parameter drop-down box so that users can make only a single selection from the list. Allowing only a single selection removes the (Select All) option from the list, but the All Products element will still exist, since the query generated for parameters includes the All member by default. In some cases businesses may decide not to have the All member in the list. This is most often done with parameters that allow multiple selections, because having both the (Select All) option and then an all members item is confusing for end users. Getting rid of the All member is a matter of modifying the query that was created when the Parameters check box was clicked. Remember that one of the things that will happen when you click the Parameters check box is the creation of a new dataset to fill the parameter list. You can see this new dataset by clicking on the Data tab and then looking at the Dataset list. The dataset will have the same name as the default name of the parameter. After selecting the query, notice that it creates a number of columns, such as ParameterCaption and ParameterValue. In the query, these columns are placed in the Columns clause in the query, but the Row clause contains the dimension, hierarchy, and then the AllMembers function. In MDX, the AllMembers function returns all members including calculated members and the All member. If companies choose to remove the All member, the query can be changed, replacing AllMembers with the Children function.
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external IS auditors to provide independent verification of the progress of remediation plans. Executive management can see this service as providing assurance to their customers and/or partners that they should be protected from the incident recurring. Note on Post-implementation and Data Problems Some incidents may be understood by executive management, but the necessary skills to perform remediation are in short supply for example, a system implementation with faults requires an assessment independent of management responsible for the project, or an acquiring company has problems originating in data migrated onto their systems from acquired companies. It is not uncommon for a CISA to be contacted for these jobs. Some of these tasks can be handled by information systems auditing techniques, though the more the task involves a consulting solution, the more it is likely to stray from the standard information systems auditing process. When an IS auditor is brought into these situations, they should be very clear about the scope of the work to be performed and ensure they have the appropriate skills at their disposal.
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Introduction to Networks
How It All Works Together
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The following are the disadvantages of mandatory roaming profiles: No user settings are saved. This lack of flexibility may lead to the need to create various standard mandatory roaming profiles to accommodate different needs.
// A generic queue interface. // Here, T specifies the type of data stored in the queue.
The types of IT services that can be provided through a cloud are wide-reaching. Compute facilities provide computational services so that users can use central processing unit (CPU) cycles without buying computers. Storage services provide a way to store data and documents without having to continually grow farms of storage networks and servers. SaaS companies offer CRM services through their multitenant shared facilities so clients can manage their customers without buying software. These represent only the beginning of options for delivering all kinds of complex capabilities to both businesses and individuals. The focus has moved up from the infrastructure implementations and onto the services that allow for access to the capabilities provided, said David Mitchell Smith, vice president and Gartner Fellow. Although many companies will argue how the cloud services are implemented, the ultimate measure of success will be how the services are consumed and whether that leads to new business opportunities. Gartner predicts that the impact of cloud computing on IT vendors will be huge. Established vendors have a great presence in traditional software markets, and as new Web 2.0 and cloud business models evolve and expand outside of consumer markets, a great deal could change. The vendors are at very different levels of maturity, said David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow. The consumer-focused vendors are the most mature in delivering what Gartner calls a cloud/Web platform from technology and community perspectives, but the business-focused vendors have rich business services and, at times, are very adept at selling business services. Branding is a powerful and revenue-generating asset for potential vendors. Gartner analysts cited Wal-Mart as an example of a company that has two brands one with consumers for its low prices and one in the business world for its supply chain expertise, its core competency, which it capitalizes on to support its consumer-facing brand. Companies invest billions of dollars in building up their core competencies, much of which goes into IT, Smith said. If companies could lease their core competencies to other companies then they would capitalize on both brands, driving revenue both in the consumer-facing market and the business service market in the way that Amazon has done with technology. Gartner maintains that cloud computing is very much an evolving concept that will take many years to fully mature. It also underlines the fact that the cloud-computing model is not simply the next generation of the Internet. When organizations cross the threshold between the Internet as a communications channel and the deliberate delivery of service over the Internet, then we truly start to head for an economy based on consumption of everything from storage to computation to video to finance deduction management, said Plummer.
The following Self Test questions will help you measure your understanding of the material presented in this chapter. Read all the choices carefully, as there may be more than one correct answer. Choose all correct answers for each question.
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