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The United States military must conduct global operations in difficult conditions, while at the same time, the DoD must manage massive support network to provide for soldiers, their family members, and all those who contribute to national security. Mission success requires increased reliance on information technology because it enables DoD to work smarter and maintain our warfighter s edge. But reliance on IT means that information systems and the data they contain must be fully protected. The DoD has embraced biometrics as a tool to achieve this protection. DoD has long been experimenting with biometrics. For example, since the 1960s, the National Security Agency has been working on speaker/voice recognition. Recent military operations have made it clear that DoD needs to do a better job of securing its computer systems and networks. In 1999, a DoD Network Vulnerability Assessment of Kosovo highlighted concerns about information assurance. Responding to this Assessment in 1999, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia stated in the Congressional Record that, Experience with hackers and DoD exercises indicate that defense systems, often globally linked and readily accessed, are vulnerable to unauthorized penetration of their information networks I am told that the Department [of Defense] has learned from its
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a b INVITE To: c=IN IP4 m=audio 8000 RTP/AVP 0 Setup faststart [logical chan info = G711 TX, G711 RX
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Rather than design for the immediate expected load, we could include a certain build-ahead in the design process. For example, we could include a oneyear build-ahead, which means that the initial network implementation will be designed for the traffic load expected one year after launch. (We establish example traffic projections later in this chapter.) A build-ahead serves two purposes. First, it avoids the necessity for constant redesigning as traffic demand increases. Second, it provides a buffer in case traffic demand increases faster than expected. Given that our network design will be based on a number of input assumptions, and given that assumptions can be incorrect, such a buffer is wise. Although a build-ahead is a wise approach for a completely new network, a simple design buffer might be better if we do not expect sudden, drastic traffic growth. Imagine, for example, a situation where we have a traditional circuit-switched network and we want to replace that network with a new VoIP network. In such a case, we should have a good understanding of the traffic demand and it is possible that forecasted growth might not be very great. Nonetheless, it is wise to ensure that the network has some extra capacity to cater for sudden demand changes (as might occur if the marketing department decides to suddenly offer some new pricing deal). One way or another, a network should be sized such that the expected traffic demand is less than some percentage of network capacity (say 70 or 80 percent). For example purposes, in our example design, we will assume a 12-month build ahead.
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Base *bp; Derived *dp; // ... if(typeid(*bp) == typeid(Derived)) dp = (Derived *) bp;
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Developing and maintaining software is a very complex undertaking that requires a great deal of structure, organization, and discipline. Application software is used to automate or support key business processes. Organizations rely heavily on applications to be operating properly, on demand, and with sufficient capacity. Designing, developing, and using software requires a diverse array of skills that are typically located in several parts of an organization. These diverse skills are carried out by persons with different levels and styles of education, and in the workplace these different groups of people are sometimes suspicious of one another and believe that the others do not really understand the way things ought to be. Software development projects are expensive. Given the cost of developers, project managers, software tools, and computer hardware, even a small project can easily run many tens of thousands of dollars, and large projects can cost several million. Management wants the project to finish on time and on budget, and users want the software to operate as promised. Shareholders want the entire development process to be efficient and effective. NOTE The exam may include multiple questions related to the SDLC or its business process equivalent, the BPLC, covered later in this chapter. Familiarity with the phases of the SDLC is key to success in these questions. These factors are among those that demand that the software development process be highly organized and structured, so that all activities are performed according to a plan. The software development life cycle (SDLC) is a framework for deciding what software should do, building it accordingly, performing testing to verify features, placing it in production, providing support, and maintaining it after initial implementation.
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Jan added several time-sensitive words and phrases, including specifying when the customer response is due and when the team members need to let Cathy know if they ll be attending the morning meeting. The Empathy Index is lower but still positive: Them Us Empathy Index 3 (2) 1
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27.3.3 Line interface
Again, a reasonably simple area problem in calculus produces a number that occurs other places in nature.
Figure 8-16
Figure 28.16 Pulse-delay measurement of chromatic dispersion. When the ends of the test fiber are close together, the reference path (fixed source, reference fiber, and receiver) can be replaced by an electrical cable indicated by the broken line.
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When the call to WaitOne( ) takes place, execution of the thread will suspend until the mutex can be acquired. When the call to ReleaseMutex( ) takes place, the mutex is released and another thread can acquire it. Using this approach, access to a shared resource can be limited to one thread at a time. The following program puts this framework into action. It creates two threads, IncThread and DecThread, which both access a shared resource called SharedRes.Count. IncThread increments SharedRes.Count and DecThread decrements it. To prevent both threads from accessing SharedRes.Count at the same time, access is synchronized by the Mtx mutex, which is also part of the SharedRes class.
#define CLASSES 3 #define GRADES 30 int grade[CLASSES][GRADES]; void disp_grades(int g[][GRADES]), enter_grades(void); int get_grade(int num); int main(void) { char ch; /* class grades program */
Checks the universe for loops and determines if contexts would resolve the loops.
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