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Figure 6-2 USB-connected fingerprint reader
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Dipole Forces
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Hardware Failover With hardware failover, only chassis redundancy is provided: if the primary security appliance in the failover configuration fails, the standby appliance will begin processing traffic. The only item replicated between the two appliances is the configuration used. This type of failover is disruptive for communications that were being transported by the primary appliance because the necessary table information to maintain connections, like the state table, the translation table, and the VPN tables, is not synchronized between the primary and standby appliances. Therefore, this type of failover is not stateful users have to reestablish their connections when a failover occurs. The top part of Figure 1-6 shows an example of a non-stateful (chassis) failover setup. Stateful Failover A stateful failover configuration performs the same functions as a hardware failover the two main differences are that a stateful failover setup requires a dedicated Fast or Gigabit Ethernet connection between the primary and standby unit, and the state information on the primary is synchronized with the standby across this connection. A LAN connection is used to synchronize the primary s state, translation, and VPN tables with the standby unit. As with a chassis failover, the standby unit monitors the primary unit, and when it sees that the primary is not functioning correctly, the standby unit promotes itself to the
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Num boxes To specify values, you ll find num boxes short for numeric boxes. Usually there is already a value in the box, such as the page width in the following illustration. Just highlight the existing value using a click-drag action and then retype a new value. Alternatively, you can double-click to select the entire value in the num box before typing the value you want. If you insert the cursor at any point in the existing value, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to move within the value and then Backspace to remove, finally adding the value you need. Finally, you need to confirm the value you entered by pressing ENTER. Press TAB to quickly move your cursor from one num box to the next in the group, or press SHIFT+TAB, to move to the previous box. In dialogs, clicking the Apply button applies the new options and leaves the dialog box open; OK closes Highlight existing value, then type in the value you need the dialog and applies the new values or options. On toolbars, pressing ENTER after typing the value does the same thing, as shown here.
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Overcurrent Protection
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Using the goto Statement
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6: Information Asset Protection
operator()(99.57, "overloading");
#include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> int main(void) { int x=0; while(x < 11) printf("%f\n", pow10(x++)); return 0; }
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Chief complaint or presenting issue (routine prenatal care, SOB, CP) Four cardinal questions (ctx, LOF, vaginal bleed, fetal movements) Prenatal care: doctor s name, number of visits Complications during this pregnancy: GDM, AMA, IUGR, teenage pregnancy, and so on Prenatal labs (PNL) Ultrasound: date/placental location/amniotic fluid volume (AFV)/estimated fetal weight (EFW)/abnormalities/presentation Past obstetric history (ObHx), past gynecologic history (GynHx), past medical history (PMHx), psychiatric history, past surgical history (PSHx), meds, allergies, family history (FHx), social history (SHx) Physical examination: vital signs: BP, P, T, R, FS (diabetic), urine dip (for everyone if possible, must for preeclampsia) General, cardiac, lungs, abdomen: typically soft, NT, gravid, Leopold: vertex, left lateral lie, EFW Extremities: Homans +/ , no calf tenderness Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM): baseline, +/ accelerations, +/ decelerations, minimal/moderate/ marked long-term variability Tocolysis history (TOCO): contractions q minutes SSE: normal EFG (external female genitalia), discharge, bleeding, fluid, lesions Vaginal examination (VE): cervical (cx) dilation/ effacement/station of the presenting fetus, cx consistency (firm, soft), cx position (posterior, anterior), clinical pelvimetry Assessment and plan: age (y/o) GxPxxxx @(EGA) weeks with (diagnosis . . . early labor, active labor, SROM, PROM, induction of
Introduction to Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
Cable in TV UHF 4
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Payload Header
Field sales management: Field sales management provides ongoing execution and evaluation of the sales compensation program. By providing the field perspective, sales management helps assure program effectiveness and practicality. Human resources: The compensation manager provides external competitive market practices by purchasing reliable survey data. The compensation manager also examines internal equity of program fairness as compared to compensation programs provided to various nonsales jobs. Legal: The legal department approves plan documentation and program management to assure compliance with legal obligations. Sales personnel: Sales management solicits feedback from sales personnel through field interviews, focus group sessions, surveys, and one-on-one interviews with first-line sales managers.
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