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So we say that this transfer function has a simple zero at s . We can see that this is not a band-pass lter because as s 0, H (s) 1/4. Now let s j . Then H ( j ) = Hence |H ( j )| = 16 2 1 + 2 = 2 + 16)2 2 ( ( + 16) 2 + 16 1 1 = 4 + j 4 + j 4 j 4 j = 4 j 2 + 16
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Here, typename specifies the generic type X. There is no difference between using class and using typename in this context. The second use of typename is to inform the compiler that a name used in a template declaration is a type name rather than an object name. For example,
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Stream structure Max. data rate Max. number of video streams Max. number of audio streams Max. number of subtitle streams
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Hold down the SHIFT key while dragging to resize the crop marquee proportionately.
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if(p<q) printf("p points to lower memory than q\n");
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#if MAX>100 #if SERIAL_VERSION int port = 198; #elif int port = 200; #endif #else char out_buffer[100]; #endif
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Strings and Formatting
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The illustration here shows dashed lines (which would not be in the finished banner) where the single sheets tile in the bake sale banner, only one of scores of needs for tiling a print when your budget prohibits extra-extra-large-format prints.
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Working with Perspective
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Data Communications Basics
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Whenever you see a range of numbers inside angle brackets, you must choose a value in this range. If you see a parameter in all caps, such as MONTH, you must supply a name. In this clocking example, the IOS wants the number of the day or name of the month, such as May with this command, the router isn t picky about in which order either of these parameters is entered, but in many cases the order does matter. Again, using context-sensitive help, indicate the number of the year following the name of the month:
Chassis and Design
To make a mask, use a combination of the Lasso tool and the Magic Wand tool, both located on the Toolbox panel shown in Figure 4-4. For an example here, we ll revive the photo of a mother and her baby that we color corrected earlier in this chapter. Although it didn t show up in black and white, a residual color cast still gave a slight purple tint to the clouds. We ll use Lasso and Magic Wand to make the clouds pristine white. Begin with the Lasso, drawing a rough outline of the clouds area. Because the borders of the photograph should be white also, include them in your outline, as shown in Figure 4-16. Don t let up on your mouse button until you ve gone completely around the edges of the clouds and the borders. When you re finished, from the menus choose Select | Inverse. That swaps the selected and unselected areas.
i in base class: 1 i in derived class: 2
In this chapter, you will learn
TABLE 21-12
You can show the edges of the page by checking the Show Page Border box. The printable area and bleed area options are for showing safety margins for printing your document.
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