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If one connection in the channel fails, you can use other connections in the channel. Each connection can be used simultaneously to send frames. Configuration is done on the logical interface, not on each individual connection in the channel.
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The clientless access for the Citrix Access Gateway is no exception. The clientless access we are referring to is access without the VPN client running. This would be access through a web browser using the ICA web client or Java client. In order to gain access to XenApp applications using clientless access, follow these steps: 1. In the Access Gateway configuration utility, select the SSL VPN node and click SSL VPN Policy Manager. 2. Select Session Policies in the right pane and then click Create New Session Policy. 3. For Request Profile, click New to create a new session profile. 4. In the Create Session Profile window, enable the check box to override the Client Experience | Home Page setting. Set it to your Web Interface site URL. For example, use http://ServerIPAddress/Citrix/AccessPlatform/ as the URL for the home page. 5. For the Secure Gateway and SmartAccess settings at the bottom of the window, set the ICA Proxy mode to ON and enter your Active Directory domain name as the SmartAccess NT Domain. The SmartAccess NT Domain should match the domain of your XenApp farm. 6. Click Create to finish creating the new session profile. You are returned to the session policy window. 7. The policy needs an expression to determine under which conditions it should be enabled. In order to enable this session policy regardless of the connection, add the named expression ns_true as the condition. From the named expressions, choose ns_true, click Add Expression, click Create, and click Close. 8. In the left pane of the Policy Manager, expand the VPN Global node. Drag the session policy icon onto the VPN Global | Session Policies node. Close the SSL VPN Policy Manager.
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33.3.7 Communications
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The home page, commonly called the home portal, is what authenticated users see once they log in; you can control what appears on a per-group basis. The following sections will discuss some common home page elements you might want to control. Customization Profiles Customization profiles affect the look and feel of the WebVPN login, logout, and home pages. Since customization profiles are no longer configured from the CLI in version 8, you must use ASDM, which is discussed in 27, or an XML editor. One nice feature of ASDM is that it supports a quasi-XML editor/ builder that allows you to build the home portal and preview it. You can use a different customization profile for different groups of users, thus giving you specific control over what each group of users can see and do from their respective home page.
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81. A population of bacteria tends to double every three hours. If there are 10,000 bacteria at 10:00 a.m., then how many will there be at noon (a) 14,444 (b) 16,355 (c) 12,991 (d) 15,874 (e) 13,565
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As the table shows, C# defines both signed and unsigned versions of the various integer types. The difference between signed and unsigned integers is in the way the high-order bit of the integer is interpreted. If a signed integer is specified, the C# compiler will generate code that assumes the high-order bit of an integer is to be used as a sign flag. If the sign flag is 0, the number is positive; if it is 1, the number is negative. Negative numbers are almost always represented using the two s complement approach. In this method, all bits in the number are reversed, and then 1 is added to this number. Signed integers are important for a great many algorithms, but they have only half the absolute magnitude of their unsigned relatives. For example, as a short, here is 32,767: 01111111 11111111 For a signed value, if the high-order bit were set to 1, the number would then be interpreted as 1 (assuming the two s complement format). However, if you declared this to be a ushort, then when the high-order bit was set to 1, the number would become 65,535. Probably the most commonly used integer type is int. Variables of type int are often employed to control loops, to index arrays, and for general-purpose integer math. When you need an integer that has a range greater than int, you have many options. If the value you want to store is unsigned, you can use uint. For large signed values, use long. For large unsigned values, use ulong. Here is a program that computes the number of cubic inches contained in a cube that is 1 mile long on each side. Because this value is so large, the program uses a long variable to hold it.
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TCP and UDP Applications
Enter 123abcdtye followed by ENTER. The program will then display 123 abcd tye. Because the t is not part of the scanset, scanf( ) stops reading characters into str when it encounters the t. The remaining characters are put into str2. You can specify a range inside a scanset using a hyphen. For example, this tells scanf( ) to accept the characters A through Z .
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The configuration of SmartFilter is very similar to that of Websense. One difference is that you can specify a port number for the TCP or UDP connection. The default port number is 4005. NOTE You can configure multiple policy servers by executing the url-server command multiple times (up to 16 servers). However, you can only use Websense or SmartFilter you cannot use both of these on the same appliance.
the course of my career in interactive entertainment, I have worked as a game designer, producer, and software engineer; but there are a great many other professions in which I have no personal experience. In order to write about them I have relied heavily on the advice and knowledge of my professional colleagues, without whom this book could not have been completed. My first obligation is without question to Jason Della Rocca and the members of the IGDA Education Committee, for permission to reprint their Curriculum Framework document (Appendix B). Although it was not their primary intention for the Framework to be used as I have suggested, I believe its value to nascent game developers is greater than perhaps even the Committee realizes. Certainly this book would not be half so useful without it. As I am a game developer, not a human resources person, I have relied heavily on the experience of Mary Margaret Walker, owner of Recruiting and Business Services, for information about the process of jobhunting. Her advice, and that of her partner Robin McShaffry, has been of inestimable benefit. It is with deep appreciation that I thank the many contributors whose wise and humorous words appear throughout this book, and indeed make it what it is. They are, in alphabetical order: Ellen Guon Beeman, Producer, Monolith Productions Kim Blake, Producer, Particle Systems David Bryson, Engine Programmer, Electronic Arts UK Charles Cecil, Managing Director, Revolution Software Ltd. Darryl Duncan, President, GameBeat Studios ( Jon Gramlich, QA Analyst, Monolith Productions Robin Green, R&D Programmer, Sony Computer Entertainment of America Amy Kalson, Assistant Producer, Maxis Adele Kellett, Audio Lead, Electronic Arts UK Lauren Logan, Student, Full Sail Pascal Luban, Lead Designer, The Game Design Studio (
Detailed structural evaluation is required to establish de ciency. The steps include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Frequent inspection Material testing to assess strength of structural components and condition of materials Load rating Nondestructive load testing Remaining fatigue life evaluation.
FIGURE 29-15
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SOLUTION Let x be one of the two numbers. Then the other is 60 x. Their product is P (x) = x (60 x) = 60x x 2 .
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