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SELECT StdMajor, AVG (StdGPA) AS AvgGpa FROM Student WHERE StdClass = 'JR' OR StdClass = 'SR' GROUP BY StdMajor
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At this point we have created an application profile, updated it, and pushed it to a file server for safekeeping. Now it is time to publish the application for use on the servers and workstations. The steps and options in the wizard vary depending on the application type you select. This procedure describes the basic options available for streamed applications. To publish an application using the wizard, follow these steps: 1. Under the Presentation Server node of the Access Management Console, expand the farm to which you want to stream an application. Select the Applications node. Then, from Common Tasks, select New | Create Folder. Create a folder for the application(s) you are publishing. We created one labeled Microsoft Office. 2. Select the folder you created and from the Common Tasks pane choose New | Published Application. 3. In the Publish Application wizard, click Next. 4. On the Name page, provide a display name and application description. We chose Word 2007 and Office 2007 Application, respectively. 5. Choose the type of application to publish (we chose Application). Then choose the application type or delivery method (in our case, Streamed to client). The three types of application delivery methods are Accessed from a server Streamed if possible, otherwise accessed from a server Streamed to client We discuss these methods more in detail later in the chapter, so keep reading.
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The 5-C Coaching Method is both sequential and circular. Upon achieving the learner s coaching goals and completing the five-stage coaching cycle, the developer and learner may agree to re-contract that is, discuss and negotiate the goals, the methodology, the relationship between them, timelines, and more and begin the five-stage cycle anew. In addition, when new goals emerge during the course of long-term coaching, learners and developers need to re-contract for these (stage 1), then make adjustments to the other stages of the cycle as needed. A more detailed explanation of the 5-C Coaching Method is included in Appendix D.
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FIGURE 11.7.
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Rental of computer software other than video games is illegal in many places because too many people were using it as a means of making pirate copies of the software. But rental of video game CDs is quite common, and a good way to let a customer get a taste of a game without having to pay for the whole thing. On the whole, the industry doesn t like rentals much. Just as the public library lets dozens of people read a single copy of a book, the rental store lets dozens of people play a single copy of a video game. Since games have a limited life anyway few people really want to keep and play a video game for the rest of their lives there isn t a lot of point in owning one if you can just rent it until you ve played it all the way through. The publishers, however, would much rather that you bought it.
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The line, require group <Domain>\\Domain Admins, has been added inside the AuthenticatedWS tag and can be used as an example for syntax.
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Service Providers can offer seamless Ethernet services to the end user across multiple underlying solutions primarily because of the common Carrier Ethernet layer. For example, a customer with an Ethernet Private Line (i.e., connecting two of its locations via an Ethernet Link) may be connected over a copper pair to a Service Provider Point-Of-Presence (POP) using a Ethernet over copper solution and beyond this, may employ an Ethernet over WDM solution to traverse over fiber to another POP and then terminate at the other location using an Ethernet over copper solution. Even though this Ethernet Private Line is being delivered employing two solutions, these underlying solutions (Ethernet over Copper and Ethernet over Fiber/WDM) would usually be hidden from the end customer (who may just want a seamless service with an associated Service Level Agreement). Having said that, commercial solutions usually offer a different set of functionalities with respect to Carrier Ethernet; some may, for instance, only be able to provide E-LINE capabilities, while others may provide both but be distance-limited. Some may offer a limited amount of carrier-class attributes but this may be an acceptable solution in a specific context (e.g., the lack of a very robust fault-tolerant solution may be acceptable to a small Service Provider offering Ethernet-based Internet access at very low prices6). Thus, the landscape of commercially deployed Carrier Ethernet solutions is fairly broad, fragmented, and ultimately a source of confusion as far as understanding how the specific solutions fit.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide Using the Complex Star Tool
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wherein a malicious user impersonates another EPON subscriber and uses network resources (services, bandwidth, etc.) at the victim s expense.
In degree measure, one full rotation about the unit circle is 360 ; in radian measure, one full rotation about the circle is just the circumference of the circle or 2 . Let us use the symbol to denote an angle. The principle of proportionality now tells us that degree measure of radian measure of . = 360 2 In other words (degree measure of ) radian measure of = 180 and 180 (radian measure of ). degree measure of =
As the preceding section described, you can use partial to create a partial type. Beginning with C# 3.0, there is a second use of partial that lets you create a partial method within a partial type. A partial method has its declaration in one part and its implementation in another part. Thus, in a partial class or structure, partial can be used to allow the declaration of a method to be separate from its implementation. The key aspect of a partial method is that the implementation is not required! When the partial method is not implemented by another part of the class or structure, then all calls to the partial method are silently ignored. This makes it possible for a class to specify, but not require, optional functionality. If that functionality is not implemented, then it is simply ignored. Here is an expanded version of the preceding program that creates a partial method called Show( ). It is called by another method called ShowXY( ). (For convenience, all pieces of the partial class XY are shown in one file, but they could have been organized into separate files, as illustrated in the preceding section.)
Time, Date, and System-Related Functions
nearest-neighbor approximation, which means that when accounting for sequence in a heterogenous DNA, we only consider the base stacking interactions of bases that are immediately next to each other. The nearest-neighbor approximation gives results that agree very well with experiment; this suggests that factors other than the nearest-neighbor stacking energies play a minimal role in the effect of sequence on DNA melting.
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