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25 Same as bridges. Subject to broadcast storms. Limited to a maximum of 3 layers hierarchically, due to address buffer requirements. ATM standards are still evolving. Single-vendor solutions are more practical. Store-and-forward switches will check CRC and not forward bad packets. Cut-through switches do not do this, and are faster. Stay with a single vendor until standards mature.
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Typical Applications Preferred by users familiar with PC systems and used for running other PC applications. Preferred by users familiar with Unix systems and used for running other Unix applications. Typically unique to a specific test application. Display quality enhances usability but also increases product cost. Should be intuitive and as easy to use as possible.
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As shown in Fig. 1.3, a resistor s actual value will begin to decrease as the frequency of operation is increased. This is caused by the distributed capacitance that is always effectively in parallel with the resistor, shunting the signal around the component; thus lowering its effective value of resistance. As shown in the figure, this distributed capacitance is especially problematic not only as the frequency increases, but also as the resistance values increase. If the resistor is not of the high-frequency, thin-film type, a high-value resistor can lose much of its marked resistance to this capacitive effect at relatively low microwave frequencies. And since the series inductance of the leads of the surface-mount technology resistor are typically quite low, the added reactive effect is negligible in assisting the resistor in maintaining its marked resistance value.
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The ACL_ID specifies which ACL you are activating. Before version 7.0, you could only activate an ACL inbound on an interface (in parameter). Starting in version 7.0, you can activate an ACL inbound (in as traffic enters the interface) and/or outbound (out before traffic leaves the interface). After the interface parameter, you need to specify the logical name of the interface where this ACL is to be activated. To remove an ACL applied to an interface, precede the access-group command with the no parameter. The per-user-override parameter is used with downloadable ACLs (discussed in 8). The control-plane parameter is used to restrict traffic to the appliance itself: the latter is new in version 8.0.
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Bode Plot Examples
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After a C++ program has been compiled, it is ready to be run. Since the output from a C++ compiler is executable object code, to run the program, simply enter its name at the command prompt. For example, to run MyProg.exe use this command line:
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var posNums = from int n in nums // ...
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Some of the driving forces shown in the table couple tightly with the throughput issues of data communications. However, speed is not the only issue driving the demand for mobility. The need for speed and reliability are rapidly driving the users into a mobile environment. In the older days, the speed would hold back the use and acceptance of data transmission. Popularity in other connection devices also set the pace. An example of the devices is shown in Table 23-2 . This lists the various devices people are looking to use. Table 23-2: Speeds for wireless devices Devices Expected Speeds Personal Data Assistants Current wireless connection is 28.8 Kbps. Expect this to grow to 1 Mbps by the end of 2000. Laptop Computers Current modem technology supports up to 56 Kbps downloadable and 33.6 Kbps uploadable. In the future, users will expect 2 10 Mbps. Same technology as laptops. Current low-speed telephony with speeds of less than 19.2 Kbps circuit-switched technology. Future will be on demand at speeds of up to 128 Kbps and then 1 Mbps. Low speed data from short messaging systems
Digital Technology and Cable System Applications
NOTE If you ve configured these items on a Cisco IOS router before, then the syntax used by the appliances is either the same or very similar, making it easy to build IPSec L2L tunnels.
LAB 5.2
Chemistry: Matter and Change 25
Base keypad dialing Headsets Built-in Caller ID/Call Waiting Caller ID Flash Hearing aid compatible Hold LCD Lighted keypad Programmable ring
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
Copying and Cloning Drop Shadow Effects
What histologic findings confirm the diagnosis of endometriosis
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