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// The body of a loop can be empty. using System; class Empty3 { static void Main() { int i; int sum = 0; // Sum the numbers through 5. for(i = 1; i <= 5; sum += i++) ; Console.WriteLine("Sum is " + sum); } }
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6: Information Asset Protection
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Biometric technologies share a number of common operational challenges and traits that are discussed here. Biometric Registration Each type of biometrics requires some kind of an initial registration. Some biometric systems permit a user to self-register on their own workstation, while others require attended registration. Registration usually involves the biometric system taking several initial measurements so that it can develop an average reading for the subject. Biometric Measurement Variances Biometric measurements are not exact; instead, there will be small differences in the biometric being measured from one authentication to the next. Some of these differences are due to the gradual changes that a human body undergoes over time. The biometric system will need to incorporate these newer measurements into a user s baseline so that they will continue to authenticate properly. Several key measurements in biometric systems are usually adjustable. These measurements are: False reject rate This is the rate at which valid subjects are rejected. This occurs when the biometric system has too small a margin of error. False accept rate This is the rate at which invalid subjects are accepted as valid. This occurs when the biometric system has too large a margin of error. Crossover error rate This is the point at which the false reject rate (FRR) equals the false accept rate (FAR). This is the ideal point for a well-tuned biometric system.
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/* A remove() example. */ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(void) { char fname[80]; printf("Name of file to remove: "); gets(fname); if(remove(fname)) { printf("Error removing file\n"); exit(1); } return 0; }
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Acid Fonts (http://www.acidfonts.com) The collection is uneven; you may need to do some sifting to find quality typefaces you find useful, but you can t beat the price, and Acid Fonts is one of the largest repositories of free and shareware typefaces on the Web (about 4,700 free fonts). Harold s Fonts (http://members.aol.com/fontner) Harold Lohner advertises that he vends homemade fonts, but they re actually clean and professional in every regard. Harold offers over 100 free fonts, including fonts designed to look like famous product logos. Stu s Font Diner (http://www.fontdiner.com) Stu offers all Retro fonts and has free downloads of some very nice pieces.
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As we can see in Figure 10-2, when compared to quota performance, incentive pay is more closely correlated, which means that the pay system provides greater incentive rewards as sales volume quota performance improves.
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Forums and bulletin boards are OK, but the best way to network is to get in the same room with other developers. Here are some of the places they meet:
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The IsFull( ) method returns true when the stack is full and false otherwise. The IsEmpty( ) method returns true when the stack is empty and false otherwise. To obtain the total capacity of the stack (that is, the total number of elements it can hold), call Capacity( ). To obtain the number of elements currently stored on the stack, call GetNum( ). These methods are useful because the information they provide requires access to tos, which is private. They are also examples of how public methods can provide safe access to private members. The following program demonstrates the stack:
Using X10 control software, there are two ways in which you can manage your X10 devices. You can establish an event to trigger the action of a single device, or you can configure events that trigger multiple devices. 5 MINUTES
A parabola is a curve generated by a point moving so that its distance from a xed point F, called the focus, is always equal to its distance from a xed straight line called the directrix. In Fig. A.2, the distance X, Y, and e are shown to any point P on the curve. AB is the directrix. Since from the de nition X = e, we have the basic equation Y 2 = CX
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