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In the real world, where time is money, converting an existing internal combustion engine vehicle saves money in terms of large capital investment and a large amount of labor. By starting with an existing late-model vehicle, the EV converter s bonus is a structure that comes complete with body, chassis, suspension, steering, and braking systems all designed, developed, tested, and safety-proven to work together. Provided the converted electric vehicle does not greatly exceed the original vehicle s GVWR overall weight or GAWR weight per axle specifications, all systems will continue to deliver their previous performance, stability, and handling characteristics. And the EV converter inherits another body bonus its bumpers, lights, safety-glazed windows, etc. are already preapproved and tested to meet all safety requirements. There s still another benefit you save more money. Automobile junkyards make money by buying the whole car (truck, van, etc.) and selling off its pieces for more than they paid for the car. When you build (rather than convert) an EV, you are on the other side of the fence. Unless you bought a complete kit, building from scratch means buying chassis tubing, angle braces, and sheet stock plus axles/suspension, brakes, steering, bearings/wheels/tires, body/trim/paint, windshield/glass/wipers, lights/electrical, gauges, instruments, dashboard/interior trim/upholstery, etc. parts that are bound to cost you more la carte than buying them already manufactured and installed in a completed vehicle.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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System.Collections defines a number of non-generic interfaces. It is necessary to begin with the collection interfaces because they determine the functionality common to all of the nongeneric collection classes. The interfaces that underpin collections are summarized in Table 24-1. The following sections examine each interface in detail.
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Defining triggers and filters. Message templates, detailing fields and field values, are used to define system triggers and filters for messages that are of interest to the user. When defining a message template, at the highest level the user can select from a list of available protocols. A series of selection windows is presented, which will lead the user through the protocol, allowing fields to be selected and values for those fields to be specified. The operator can select the fields as required from any part of the message. Once a new message template has been defined, the user can give the template a name and one-line description for identification. Once identified, the message template may be stored for future use. Stored triggers and filters are displayed as they are defined. Stored triggers and filters may be associated, named, and stored to disk as a configuration file. Start triggers. A start trigger is an event that defines when traffic capture will start. The activation of a start trigger controls data capture simultaneously on all channels defined by the user. The following trigger types are available:
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference visual, interactive
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Citrix XenApp and the ICA protocol support more than 200 client types, providing excellent flexibility and choice in edge device access.
Ill 14-12
16: Initial Router Con guration
TIP NetBIOS has been supplanted primarily by DNS. Only if you have older applications that require the use of NetBIOS, then you should leave it enabled; otherwise, if all your applications use DNS, then disable NetBIOS inspection in the global policy map.
made by simply painting over the scratch using a shade that matches the blanket on either side of the scratch. To match that shade, use the Eyedropper tool. When you pick it from the Toolbox, the cursor turns into an eyedropper. Place the tip of it on a color you want to use and click once. Then select the Paintbrush tool from the Toolbox, and it comes ready to paint using the color picked by the Eyedropper. Choose a brush size small enough that you won t be painting adjoining parts of the blanket accidentally. Obviously, there are no hard-and-fast rules for this kind of touching up. Remember to save often, and to generate a copy of your photo before embarking on a new stage of restoration. And less is usually better than more. Heavy-handed retouching is more distracting than the damage you re trying to correct. Don t be timid about experimenting. As long as you have an untouched scan of a picture, it doesn t matter what you do. You can always start over.
Some proteins function within membranes. Within the membrane, proteins play various roles. Structural proteins anchor the cytoskeleton to the membrane. Some membrane proteins act as receptors allowing the cell to bind to specific objects (or specific objects to bind to the cell). Enzymes often catalyze reactions within or on the surface of membranes. And transport proteins aid the movement of ions through the cell membrane, often with the goal of maintaining an electric potential difference on opposite sides of the membrane. Membranes are lipid bilayers in which the majority of the bilayer (the inside) is very hydrophobic, with a layer of charged and polar hydrophilic groups making up both surfaces of the membrane. Although the factors that influence protein folding are the same, in practice the end result of folding a membrane protein is quite different from that for proteins found in the aqueous environment of the cytoplasm. Membrane proteins often fold in such a way as to span the membrane, with hydrophobic residues in the membrane center and hydrophilic residues exposed to the outer surface (see Fig. 9-5). In some membrane proteins, particularly those which must transport ions and other hydrophilic molecules from one side of the membrane to the other, the portion of the protein that spans the membrane is folded in a way exactly opposite as that of nonmembrane proteins. That is, we find hydrophobic residues on the outside of the protein, with hydrophilic residues on the inside. The hydrophilic residues on the inside of such a membrane protein create a protective tunnel, allowing ions and other small hydrophilic molecules to pass through the membrane. Otherwise the energy required to move an ion or hydrophilic molecule into and through the cell membrane would be prohibitive.
Here, element-type is the element type of the indexer. Thus, each element accessed by the indexer will be of type element-type. It corresponds to the element type of an array. The parameter index receives the index of the element being accessed. Technically, this parameter does not have to be of type int, but since indexers are typically used to provide array indexing, an integral type is customary. Inside the body of the indexer are defined two accessors called get and set. An accessor is similar to a method, except that it does not declare a return type or parameters. The accessors are automatically called when the indexer is used, and both accessors receive index as a parameter. If the indexer is being assigned, such as when it s on the left side of an assignment statement, then the set accessor is called and the element specified by index must be set. Otherwise, the get accessor is called and the value associated with index must be returned. The set method also receives a value called value, which contains the value being assigned to the specified index. One of the benefits of an indexer is that you can control precisely how an array is accessed, heading off improper accesses. For example, here is a better way to implement the fail-soft array created in 6. It uses an indexer, thus allowing the array to be accessed using the normal array notation.
A generic new product development cycle might consist of the following phases:
Chemistry: Matter and Change 3
TLC and Maintenance for Your Batteries
Formatting Tab Leaders from the Dialog
int eof(int fd)
Cellular Measurement Strategies 414 Cellular Networks
Many partners are delivering customized capabilities for Microsoft Online Services. To increase awareness of these solutions, Microsoft also introduces the Partner Solutions Showcase Program for Microsoft Online Services, and a Partner Solutions Showcase Program Award that is given to two partners annually. This award is designed to recognize outstanding application and integration work on the part of partners. Microsoft presented the first Partner Solutions Showcase Program Award to ThoughtBridge, which has built a human resources application on top of SharePoint Online. Partners can learn more about the showcase and award at http://www.microsoft.com/online/partner/solutionsshowcase.mspx. ThoughtBridge recognized an immediate opportunity for building unique, vertical capabilities on top of Microsoft SharePoint Online, and we see tremendous opportunity to grow our business around this model, said Tim Tisdale, CTO and cofounder of ThoughtBridge. Already, we re seeing strong customer demand for migration, customization and integration services. Microsoft Online Services give us the agility to address this demand with fewer resources. We think this opportunity will bring us the bulk of our revenue moving forward. Microsoft also has other online services in the pipeline. In addition to Office Communications Online, Microsoft is planning to offer a Microsoft Online Services
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Speech-Coding Techniques
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