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NOTE When using MSDE, this command uses a default OSQL script to back up the database. If creating customized OSQL scripts for backup of the MSDE-based data store, refer to the following Microsoft article for further details: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx scid=241397. Microsoft SQL, Oracle, or IBM DB2 These third-party databases do not require any special commands to be executed on the computers running Presentation Server. When using a Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or IBM DB2 data store consult the database documentation for scheduling automated backups of the data store. In most cases, daily backup is sufficient to prevent loss of farm data.
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Exploring the System Namespace
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In either case, the text can be made to flow down the left or right of the object, or to straddle it (flow down both sides). Square wrapping also supports Above/Below, where no text flows to the sides of the object. To apply Contour Straddle, right-click the shape and select Wrap Paragraph Text from the pop-up menu. To set a different wrapping type, select it from the General tab of the
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executes, val is passed to the n parameter of AbsDivideBy( ) and 2 is passed to the d parameter. As a point of interest, because the methods Reciprocal( ) and AbsDivideBy( ) are defined for double, it is legal to invoke them on a double literal, as shown here:
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Figure 9-8
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Reporting and Analysis
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Two-color patterns are 1-bit pixel-based tiles where the two colors in the pattern may be controlled. This means that the edges of the design are harsh and somewhat jaggy at large pattern sizes; they re of the most professional use when you need a quick pattern for a Web GIF image. Full-color patterns are composed of vector shapes, but the pattern itself already has color applied and cannot be altered. Additionally, these full-color fills cannot be extracted as vector shapes from the pattern. Therefore, when making your own, save a copy of your pattern to CDR file format for editing in the future, and forget about the Break Apart
Surface Fatigue Strength for Various Materials (Run against Tool Steel Roller 60 62 Rc)
In the last section, you accepted the proposed alias name COUNTRY_REGION. This can get a little confusing, as clearly every region belongs to a country. However, the meaning and join relationship here really concern where the customers are located, and in which countries. To give the alias a clearer name, rename it to COUNTRY_CUSTOMER. Note that this is purely for your own purposes, as users will never see the alias name. 1. From within the structure pane, select the alias COUNTRY_REGION. 2. Right-click to invoke the pop-up menu. 3. Select Rename Table.
We have come to the third cornerstone of developing your greater potential: gratitude.
class CallByRef { static void Main() { Test ob = new Test(15, 20); Console.WriteLine("ob.a and ob.b before call: " + ob.a + " " + ob.b); ob.Change(ob); Console.WriteLine("ob.a and ob.b after call: " + ob.a + " " + ob.b); } }
Fetal Side Effects Fetal hydantoin syndrome: craniofacial anomalies (upturned nose, mild midfacial hypoplasia, thin philtrum, facial clefts), fingernail hypoplasia, growth deficiency, developmental delay, cardiac defects Fetal hydantoin syndrome, spina bifida, fingernail hypoplasia, IUGR Neural-tube defects, heart and kidney malformations, hypospadia, polydactyly Clefts, cardiac anomalies, urinary tract malformations Possible teratogenesis, coagulopathy, neonatal depression
Technology Primer
A Closer Look at Classes
Appendix E:
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