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0/1 0/0 Two USB ports PCI card slots: 1, 2, and 9 are reserved Management 10/100 ports
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Facsimile (Fax)
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Appendix A: Answers to Self Tests
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is illegal because there is no automatic conversion from double (2.2) to int, which is the type of nums in MinVal( ). When using params, you need to be careful about boundary conditions because a params parameter can accept any number of arguments even zero! For example, it is syntactically valid to call MinVal( ) as shown here:
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In the preceding program, the nums array was given values by hand, using ten separate assignment statements. While that is perfectly correct, there is an easier way to accomplish this. Arrays can be initialized when they are created. The general form for initializing a onedimensional array is shown here: type[ ] array-name = { val1, val2, val3, ..., valN }; Here, the initial values are specified by val1 through valN. They are assigned in sequence, left to right, in index order. C# automatically allocates an array large enough to hold the initializers that you specify. There is no need to use the new operator explicitly. For example, here is a better way to write the Average program:
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Disasters and other disruptive events can damage information and information systems. It s essential that fresh copies of this information exist elsewhere and in a form that enables IT personnel to easily load this information into alternative systems so that processing can resume as quickly as possible.
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Standard plate and barrel cams are typically rough milled, leaving approximately 0.012 in grinding stock per side, are stress relieved to remove residual machining stresses, and then are hardened and nally ground to nish dimensions. Grinding is usually required to remove distortions from the heat treating phase. Some of the smaller cams can be milled to size and ion-nitrided. Proper feeds and spindle speeds must be maintained to prevent excessive cutter wear and de ections. Also grinding wheel breakdown must be monitored and is usually compensated by eccentric grinding wheels. Operators must peri-
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Console.WriteLine("MyMeth2 terminating"); } static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Main thread starting."); // Run two named methods. Parallel.Invoke(MyMeth, MyMeth2); Console.WriteLine("Main thread ending."); }
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SONET fiberoptic ring at OC-12 data rate Cable headend 3 OC3 ATM To cable system HFC network SONET ber-optic loop connects headends to Satellite earth stations, the internet (VOIP), and commercial advertisement inserts. Cable headend 2 OC3 ATM To cable system HFC network Commercial insertion
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Producing a DVD video
Closing Thoughts Review Concepts Questions Problems 21 22
In this program, divide-by-zero errors are handled locally by GenException( ), but an array boundary error is rethrown. In this case, it is caught by Main( ).
Low Self-Mastery Learners
Routing Metrics
THE FOUNDATION OF C++ printf("%d", concat(x, y));
If someone is able to get into your home, it s now the job of the motion detectors to make you aware. Danger zones are areas that you want covered by your motion detectors. Again, consider our blueprint shown in Figure 5-13.
Nishinomiya Bridge
The output is shown here:
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