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Always wear safety goggles, a lab apron, and gloves. Dispose of chemical wastes as directed by your teacher. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and acetic acid are corrosive to skin and clothing. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and acetic acid are toxic. Sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide are caustic and toxic. Limewater is a tissue irritant.
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By modifying Object Acceleration, you can increase/decrease how many intermediate objects appear in the blend.
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out of the system and in doing so transmits the maximum amount of torque. These saws were designed for low speed and high torque. The idea is to pull an opponent into the mouth area of the robot to chew on it and send many parts flying. Chew Toy s weapons system and armor were constructed from a combination of surplus catalog goodies and scavenged parts. The prow (the arm) of the robot was fabricated of steel obtained from a rack-mounted computer system. A 1/4-inch aluminum plate, part of the support structure for the weapons systems, came out of a dumpster. Cut into the desired shape with a jigsaw, it was honed with a Dremel tool and welded to the main support structure (the ammo box). The weapon support structure fits neatly between the two fan outlets. Attached to the front part of its underside is an inexpensive small furniture castor. When the prow is down, that foremost wheel is not visible, but in Figure 14-4 it can be clearly seen. It s bolted to the front of the machine and supports the two pillow boxes that hold the saw bearings. The bearings used for the weapons system were designed for misalignment the bearings are sitting in a rubber gasket, which can move around slightly. This way, we didn t have to be precise on alignment. We just stuck the bearings in there, slid the axle through them, and clamped it down to get a system that is reasonably strong and spins. The central theme of Chew Toy was building a robot cheaply and easily, and the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) weapons array helped us continue that theme. The large rod you see mounted to the front of the robot in Figure 14-5 is the saw axle. The saws are milling tools that we picked up at a metal scrap yard. Berg sprockets and chains were used to construct the saw s drive. The shoulder on the sprocket was cut down with a lathe and the sprocket bolted to the saw, making one unit. Although combining the saw mechanism in this way made the unit heavier, it was desirable in this case because of the increased spinning momentum
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1. Upon your return from a three-day industry conference, your boss asks you to write a quick summary of what you accomplished. What format do you choose and which organizational structure do you use Elinor, an Internet strategist at a cosmetics company, was expected to produce a report after she attended a conference called Optimizing E-Commerce in the 21st Century. The instruction to write a report seemed very vague, she explained. I wasn t sure exactly why I was supposed to write a report, so I asked my boss and she said that the report would let everybody know what I did while I was in Chicago and stress that it was a good idea that I d gone. I decided that my objective should be to have top management request a full proposal based on my recommendation. Using this system helped me realize that I could use the report to create momentum for my own agenda. I d do what my boss said let people know why attending the conference was a good idea and at the same time focus on my ideas for the company. I thought it would make me look like a go-getter, not a drone reporting on an activity in a passive way. Next I considered the senior managers personalities. My boss and her boss are pretty technically oriented. They are both Data Collectors, with a little bit of Producer in the mix. The CEO, on the other hand, is mostly an Accommodator, with a little of both Optimist and Producer in her personality. I wanted to focus on an idea I had to use a digital camera that would allow women standing at a cosmetics counter to have their photo immediately displayed on a monitor. They could see how different makeup options looked and make educated purchase decisions. We d also E-mail the photo to them so they could play around with makeup options later making decisions in the privacy of their own home or of ce, and on their own schedule. My strategy was to establish an E-mail relationship with our customers in a consultative way, and eventually convert their purchases to online transactions. What I was recommending was pretty aggressive strategically because I wanted to offer customers the opportunity to delay
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1. Observing and Inferring Why did you turn off the burner between experiment setups
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A template class can have more than one generic data type. Simply declare all the data types required by the class in a comma-separated list within the template specification. For example, the following program creates a class that uses two generic data types:
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Taking the Laplace transform with the initial conditions speci ed gives the s-domain equation LC(s 2 Vc (s) sv c (0)) + RC(sVc (s) v c (0)) + Vc (s) = 0 Solving we have Vc (s) = RCv c (0) LCs 2 + (RC LCv c (0))s + 1
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2. Select all the objects (CTRL+A), and then click
Using Explicit Type Arguments to Call a Generic Method
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An expression in C# can have tabs and spaces in it to make it more readable. For example, the following two expressions are the same, but the second is easier to read:
Table 33.1 lists a number of network management applications which can be run on data derived from SS7 links.
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