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Observe that f ( x) = 1 cos x. 2
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SOLUTION It is convenient to think of such a cone as the surface obtained by rotating the graph of f (x) = x/2, 0 x 8, about the x-axis (Fig. 8.34). According to our de nition, the surface area of the cone is 8 x 5 8 2 1/2 2 [1 + (1/2) ] dx = 2 x dx 4 0 0 2 = 16 5 .
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The C I/O system defines two equivalent functions that output a character: putc( ) and fputc( ). (Actually, putc( ) is implemented as a macro.) There are two identical functions simply to preserve compatibility with older versions of C. This book uses putc( ), but you can use fputc( ) if you like. The putc( ) function is used to write characters to a stream that was previously opened for writing using the fopen( ) function. The prototype for putc( ) is
Mapping for the % of Total target would be the Sales Amount for Bikes divided by the Sales Amount for all products. Here is the MDX formula that accomplishes this:
Math Note: The reasoning we have used in the last example shows this: If the curve x = g(y), c y d, is rotated about the y-axis then the volume enclosed by the resulting surface is V =
NOTE Although the preceding instructions are sufficient to compile and run the programs in this
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