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5: Eye Biometrics: Iris and Retina Scanning
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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Smart Home Design
While a powerful spinner is the most destructive form of kinetic-energy weapon in the competition, this destructiveness comes with a price. The powerful kinetic impacts that the spinner delivers are felt as much by it as by its opponent; many spinners have crippled the opposing robot only to be themselves knocked out by the same impact. A spinner needs to be built as ruggedly as possible to avoid this fate. Many of the fully enclosed shell-type spinners use rings of rollers on the inner frame to allow the spinner to ride smoothly even if it becomes bent or dented. A fully enclosed spinner has an additional difficulty not faced by other robots: when the weapon is running, it can be difficult for the robot s driver to see which way the base inside is facing! Methods of dealing with this include having a tail trailing out underneath the shell, having a non-rotating flag or arrow sticking up through the center of the shell, making part of the spinning shell out of transparent materials, or cutting windows in the shell to allow the interior to be partially visible. The reaction torque of spinning the shell will produce a strong turning force on the base of the robot, which will make the bot want to swerve to the side when driving. A four-wheeled base is recommended to give some straight-line stability. Many spinner drivers also use R/C helicopter rate gyroscopes in their control electronics to compensate for the effects. For optimum damage, the spinner weapon should be large and should have its mass concentrated as much as possible at the outside of its radius. Many spinner weapons are made of disks or domes with weights at the edges and holes in the middle, to maximize the rotary inertia of the weapon. Of course, more inertia in the weapon means a greater spin-up time.
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