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Arrays and Strings
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A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
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Unjoined paths are not the same as separate objects. Two paths, for example, can be located nowhere near each other on a page and yet still be path of a single path. If you want to break a path into its component sub-paths, you first select the nodes using a marquee-selection technique with the Shape Tool, click the Break Curve button, and then choose Arrange | Break Curve Apart. CTRL+K is the shortcut, and it s one of a handful of essential CorelDRAW shortcuts you ll want to commit to memory.
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Copying and Cloning Extrude Effects data matrix
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Figure 7-9b Measurement of distance to cable fault for buried plant
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Even though a template function overloads itself as needed, you can explicitly overload one, too. If you overload a generic function, then that overloaded function overrides (or hides ) the generic function relative to that specific version. For example, consider this version of swapargs( ):
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At this point, you might be wondering why C# includes the struct since it seems to be a less-capable version of a class. The answer lies in efficiency and performance. Because structures are value types, they are operated on directly rather than through a reference. Thus, a struct does not require a separate reference variable. This means that less memory is used in some cases. Furthermore, because a struct is accessed directly, it does not suffer from the performance loss that is inherent in accessing a class object. Because classes are reference types, all access to class objects is through a reference. This indirection adds overhead to every access. Structures do not incur this overhead. In general, if you need to simply store a group of related data, but don t need inheritance and don t need to operate on that data through a reference, then a struct can be a more efficient choice. Here is another example that shows how a structure might be used in practice. It simulates an e-commerce transaction record. Each transaction includes a packet header that contains the packet number and the length of the packet. This is followed by the account number and the amount of the transaction. Because the packet header is a self-contained unit of information, it is organized as a structure. This structure can then be used to create a transaction record, or any other type of information packet.
stated, in this case, the transformation is arbitrary (being used simply for demonstration). The For( ) automatically breaks up the calls to MyTransform( ) so they can be run on separate portions of data in parallel. Therefore, if you run this program on a computer that has two or more available processors, the For( ) loop can run in parallel. It is important to understand that not all loops will be more efficient when parallelized. In general, small loops or loops that perform very simple operations are often faster as sequential rather than parallel loops. This is why the for loop that initializes data is not a parallel For( ). The reason that small or very simple loops might not be efficient when parallelized is because the time needed to set up the parallel tasks and the time needed to context-switch exceeds the time saved by parallelization. To prove this point, the following program creates both parallel and sequential versions of both for loops in the program and times each one for comparison purposes:
NOTE: In order for Load Manager to reflect correct values, you must configure load evaluators that accurately represent your farm. If you use the default load evaluator, the maximum load for a server is 100 users. If 30 users are logged onto this server in the farm, the load on that server will show 3000 (or 30% load). However, your machine might be at full capacity with 30 users. In this situation, copy the default load evaluator and make your maximum load 30. This will show a more accurate figure when the qfarm /load command is run. Performing a thorough review Review any Resource Manager Performance alerts, virus notifications, and data store backup logs or scripts for proper execution. Notifications should be configured for these whether they are e-mail or SNMP traps. Logging into EdgeSight EdgeSight offers a unique view into the XenApp server farm, so take a look around. The EdgeSight Web Console should be a part of a daily routine for checking the health of the XenApp server farm. It offers real-time monitoring into the applications, devices, and network activity of the XenApp server, allowing administrators the opportunity to proactively prevent problems. Refer to 12 for more information on configuring and using Citrix EdgeSight to monitor and troubleshoot a XenApp server farm. Assessing event viewer errors Event logs should be checked daily on all servers to ensure the operating system, applications, and system security are functioning normally. EdgeSight is a great place to look at the centralized log files of the Citrix server (see 12). Other event log consolidation tools exist, such as Microsoft Operation Manager, which can dramatically simplify the daily task of checking each event log by providing a unified interface for viewing logs. Troubleshooting problems Troubleshoot daily user problems and handle emergency hardware issues such as failed hard drives, network cards, and so on. Checking for session states using Access Management Console (AMC) Reset lengthy disconnected sessions if disconnect times are not enforced. Record and trend the number of disconnected, idle, and active sessions to help refine session disconnect settings.
Other alternatives exist, most notably the Telephony User Part (TUP). This can be considered a simpler version of ISUP. Numerous national variants of TUP are available.
Part III:
// Example of "rethrowing" an exception. #include <iostream> using namespace std; void Xhandler() { try { throw "hello"; // throw a char * } catch(char *) { // catch a char * cout << "Caught char * inside Xhandler\n";
MSPP VT switch (optional) STS switch MSPP OC-N fiber ring SONET ADM
Frame delay measurement Timestamp information in these messages allow endpoints to determine how long it takes to convey a frame from one endpoint to another.
4M CaCl2 solution ice-nucleating protein 4-mL graduated pipettes (2) 10-mL graduated cylinder 600-mL beaker small-tip dropping pipettes (2) test tubes (7) test-tube rack solid rubber stoppers to fit test tubes (3) labels distilled water crushed ice ring stand test-tube utility clamps (2) thermometer clamps (2) stirring rod spatula graph paper
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